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Understanding How Sound Waves Travel and Why This Matters for Safety

In the world of nondestructive testing, the complex processes by which technicians inspect different assets and componen ...

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Is NDT Level 2 Training Worth It?

Every nondestructive testing technician knows that high-quality training is the secret to becoming a highly qualified pr ...

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How Tiny Flaws Make Steel Poles So Dangerous

While it may be easy to take steel poles for granted, in the world of nondestructive testing, light poles take center st ...

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How You Can Use NDT Certifications to Help the Environment

Beyond all other pursuits, the care and preservation of the environment may be the most important burden for conscientio ...

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Magnetic Particle Testing: The Best Time to Implement This NDT Method

Entering into the world of nondestructive testing can appear daunting. NDT technicians perform complex inspection method ...

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How Visual Inspection Is Used on Manufacturing Parts and Factories

In the world of nondestructive testing, the manufacturing field is a staple industry supported by the vital quality assu ...

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