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TXNDT contractor performing a visual inspection

Non Destructive Testing: When is Visual Inspection the Best NDT Testing Method?

When something goes wrong in your home, your first instinct probably isn’t to whip out your welding tools and have at it ...

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TXNDT NDT services on a water treatment plant

Non Destructive Testing Technician Training Spotlight: Water Treatment Industry

One of the most exciting features of the nondestructive testing field is that it serves a wide variety of industries. ...

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TXNDT NDT services on a manufacturing plant

Non Destructive Testing Training Spotlight: Manufacturing

When it comes to engineering and engineering-adjacent jobs, many people assume that professionals are consigned to monot ...

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TXNDT contractors shaking hands in Houston

NDT Job Searching: How to Find the Best Fit After NDT Training

One of the most enticing features of the nondestructive testing industry is that it serves such a wide variety of indust ...

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TXNDT liquid penetrant NDT testing services

Non Destructive Testing: When Is Liquid Penetrant Testing the Best Method?

The job of an NDT technician is exciting and varied; the requirements of any given project or task may vary vastly, depe ...

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TXNDT NDT training center in Houston

Things to Look for in an Non Destructive Testing and Training Center

Almost everyone believes in the value of a great education. There’s a reason that schools like Harvard, Oxford, and Yale ...

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