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Is NDT Level 2 Training Worth It?

calendar Nov. 02, 2022user-iconTXNDT

Every nondestructive testing technician knows that high-quality training is the secret to becoming a highly qualified professional in the world of NDT.

While every technician must earn their NDT certification from an NDT school, not all technician training programs are built the same.

A top-tier training program will focus heavily on world-class instruction through hands-on practice in nondestructive testing training under the supervision of experienced NDT professionals.

But nondestructive testing training certainly does not end after technicians earn their NDT certification. Even if a Level I Limited certification will grant a technician access into the NDT field, there is so much beyond a Level I certification that can be provided, even by only moving up to a Level II certification.

Here is everything you need to know about why Level II NDT training is worth it.

What Is Nondestructive Testing Certification?

Nondestructive testing certification is the prerequisite training required to become an NDT technician. This training involves traditional study of the science behind nondestructive testing and the procedures of each method.

Technicians learn about the various methods of nondestructive testing through lectures provided by experienced NDT supervisors and hands-on practice in NDT labs.

Nondestructive testing certification is structured into increasing levels: Level I Limited, Level I, Level II, and Level III Unlimited certification.

At each level, technicians who earn higher levels of certification acquire a more advanced and sophisticated understanding of testing methods and are granted greater independence in the field.

Benefits of Level II NDT Certification

While Level II NDT certification is not the highest level a technician can earn, there is a tremendous benefit to moving from a Level I Limited technician to a Level II technician.

To earn a Level II certification, a technician should be keenly familiar with all of the standards, codes, and specifications used for the methods for which they are qualified.

Since Level II technicians are given much more independence in the field, it is necessary for all Level II technicians to completely set up, calibrate, and use necessary equipment before interpreting and evaluating results.

Level II technicians are not closely supervised like Level I technicians, so it is critical that Level II technicians are confident in their knowledge of and ability to perform inspection methods.

One of the most significant benefits of becoming a Level II technician is the ability to become a supervisor for emerging technicians. As most experts agree, the highest level of mastery over a subject or skill is the ability to teach that skill to another person.

By becoming an NDT supervisor for Level I NDT technicians, you will not only lead and guide the next generation of qualified technicians, but you will also strengthen your own skills and abilities in the process of leading others.

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