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Industry-Best NDT Training for Every Situation

Industry-Best NDT Training for Every Situation

Nondestructive Testing plays an important role in the integrity and safety of many infrastructures and industries. To ensure the effectiveness of testing and repairs, all technicians are required to earn NDT certifications in a range of testing methods. Training involves three stages: classroom learning, examinations, and on-the-job training. TXNDT Academy fulfills the classroom learning and examination requirements, but doesn’t offer on-the-job training. Attendees must complete this part of their training and certification outside of our training program.

TXNDT Training

At TXNDT, you’ll have the chance to learn from a Level-III-certified NDT instructor. Our small class sizes guarantee an interactive learning environment, allowing you to fully understand the processes and goals you’ll use every day. Rather than spending hours in lectures, you’ll gain real experience in your testing discipline before moving to the field. We know you’re making an investment in your future, so we also strive to create a fun learning environment that helps you discover enjoyment in your work.

As an active player in the NDT industry, we know what you need to know to succeed — both in your NDT certification training and as an inspector. Our courses cover a wide range of industries, expanding your abilities and maximizing your job potential. You’ll gain access to years of knowledge, cutting-edge equipment, and a network of potential employers, peers, and mentors at an inspection learning facility of the highest caliber.

Testing Disciplines

TXNDT Academy offers regular NDT Level I and NDT Level II courses for Liquid Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Visual Inspection and Course Catalog training. We also offer periodic training courses for other NDT disciplines, including Leak Testing, Radiographic Testing, welding, general NDT training for engineers, and more.

For more information about our NDT certification training, explore our course catalog or contact us to learn more about our program.

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Dive into nondestructive testing with our hands-on, experience-driven training program. Enjoy direct instructor coaching and active industry knowledge from Texas’ highest level training facility.

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