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How Visual Inspection Is Used on Manufacturing Parts and Factories

calendar Aug. 08, 2022user-iconTXNDT

In the world of nondestructive testing, the manufacturing field is a staple industry supported by the vital quality assurance that NDT methods provide.

While more elaborate methods like magnetic particle testing and ultrasonic testing are often used to inspect manufacturing parts and machinery, visual testing is a low-cost, low-maintenance method that can offer tremendous benefit to manufacturing plants.

In today’s article, we explore how visual inspection may be the perfect choice for use on manufacturing parts and in factories.

What Is Visual Testing

Visual testing, or visual inspection, is a method of nondestructive testing that, while minimally invasive, is also the most commonly used inspection method across all industries.

Through this process, a technician relies on the aided or unaided eye to inspect the exterior of a component or machine.

When the unaided eye is insufficient or is challenged by height or space constraints, the technician may also use tools like mirrors, borescopes, or a remote view through drone technology to capture images of the asset for further inspection.

This method, while not as thorough as some other methods, is perfect for detecting flaws such as cracks, corrosion, misalignment, and discoloration.

Visual inspection is a great choice for nondestructive testing methods because it is inexpensive, requires little to no equipment, and does not require much part preparation at all before the inspection can be performed.

Even so, visual testing does have its limitations. Visual inspection is only useful for surface indications and can generally only detect large flaws. It is also possible to misinterpret the flaws if the technician is not sufficiently skilled.

Visual Inspection for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a multifaceted process with parts and products constantly moving. It is critical that the products being assembled, as well as the components used to manufacture them, are free of flaws.

Nondestructive testing can be used in a variety of ways at multiple steps in the process of manufacturing.

Visual testing can be used to determine whether or not the machinery used in production has flaws, which can help to increase efficiency. Visual testing can also help detect flaws early in the production process so that manufactured products can be repaired quickly, avoiding the expensive and time-consuming process of reproducing products entirely.

Visual testing is a great way to save money and inspect for flaws at all points in the manufacturing process.

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