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How You Can Use NDT Certifications to Help the Environment

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Beyond all other pursuits, the care and preservation of the environment may be the most important burden for conscientious citizens in the modern world.

With the rising threat of global warming, rapid extinction of animal species, and the depletion of natural resources necessary for human flourishing, it is more important than ever that innovators direct their efforts toward a more sustainable world.

Renewable energy industries such as hydropower, solar power, and wind power are at the forefront of the efforts to create cleaner means of powering the world and reducing ecological impact.

Aside from environmental impact, the one thing these fields all have in common is that they are all supported by another vital industry: nondestructive testing.

If you care about a career that makes a difference in the world, NDT certification is a great place to start. Here is everything you need to know about how you can use NDT certifications to help the environment.

Renewable Energy Fields

Nondestructive testing supports a wide variety of industries, many of which fall under the “renewable energy” category.

Hydropower is a time-honored method of harnessing power from water, though using hydropower takes a bit more than just a connection to a stream.

Hydropower plants involve many sophisticated machines and technology to harness the power of a flowing body of water. NDT technicians inspect the equipment used at hydroelectric plants to ensure that all technologies are free of flaws and operate efficiently.

Wind turbines are another popular method of renewable energy. Most wind turbines capture kinetic energy from wind and convert it to electricity that can then be used to power the world around us.

Wind turbines are large and extremely expensive. Nondestructive testing is critical for these assets because causing damage to a wind turbine can result in astronomical costs.

NDT technicians use a number of different methods, such as visual testing through drone inspection and magnetic particle testing to inspect turbines for even the smallest flaws and plan appropriately for repairs.

Solar power is another method of green energy that most people are familiar with. Solar power is an attractive renewable resource because, unlike other means of energy, it will never run out.

Harnessing power from the sun requires sophisticated materials like solar panels and solar grids to convert solar energy into electricity.

Much like other renewable energy instruments, solar panels and grids can be costly, so it is vital that inspections can be done without causing damage to the assets. Furthermore, for assets like solar panels to properly harness energy from their source, they must be perfectly calibrated. If flaws, cracks, or other damage have compromised the asset’s ability to function, it will no longer be able to gather energy from its source to create power, rendering the renewable energy method useless.

NDT and Renewable Energy

These renewable energy methods and many others would not have the accuracy and efficiency that they do now without the service and support of nondestructive testing.

It is due to the dedicated professionals who perform inspections like magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, and liquid penetrant testing that many of these fields can continue to operate and innovate to create a better, greener world.

If you want to be a part of making the world a more sustainable place, begin your journey at a top-tier NDT school.

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