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Who We Are

TXNDT grew from a desire to find the best NDT training available in Texas. As employers, we were frustrated and disappointed with the level of training we found for employees who needed to earn their certifications. When available courses failed to meet our expectations, we started training our employees in-house. We developed a program that focused on training high-quality inspectors, rather than just checking the boxes for NDT training.

Since then, our NDT training has grown, offering courses to trainees and Level III NDT consulting services to other businesses. We’ve worked with organizations in a wide range of industries, gaining important knowledge that we pass on to our trainees. We’re dedicated to providing the highest level of NDT training, both in our courses and in the certification programs we help our clients create. No matter the industry or discipline, we want to train inspectors with the greatest success and results.

TXNDT is opening a new building and lab in 2020, giving us more space to expand our training program and consulting services in the coming years.

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