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How Ultrasonic Testing Ensures Safety of New Developments in Fast-Growing Cities

calendar Aug. 09, 2021user-iconTXNDT
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With mass displacement and migration fueled by the current housing market, some cities may be growing faster than ever as new residents flood them. With population increases comes a greater investment in the structures and facilities of cities. At the same time, these new developments involve a greater need for safety to support and protect residents, both new and old.

Nondestructive testing has long been an integral part of helping cities develop and sustain progress. Ultrasonic testing is one of the primary testing methods that can support developing cities as they proliferate.

Here is what you need to know about how ultrasonic nondestructive testing ensures the safety of new developments in fast-growing cities.

Where Ultrasonic Testing Benefits

Roads and Bridges

As a city grows, there will inevitably be an increase in commuters from neighboring towns to work within your thriving metropolis.

As such, the increase in road traffic can be significant. Road closures and repairs can be expensive for developing cities, and the construction can also negatively impact small businesses that should be thriving as a city grows. It is critical that all roads support traffic increases (and associated wear and tear) that accompany rapid development.

Ultrasonic testing is a method of nondestructive testing that uses ultrasound waves traveling through the component under inspection to detect an acoustical impedance, indicating a flaw or inconsistency. It can be used to examine roads, highways, and overpasses in a city, and track their structural status over time. Early detection of flaws or degradation is critical to prevent large expenses and costly road closures for developing cities.


Public transportation is vital for large and small cities alike. For residents, as well as tourists, reliable public transportation ensures that your city is accessible to all. If your city has a rail system, trolley, or subway, chances are that nondestructive testing is already an integral feature of your municipal services.

Ultrasonic testing is a perfect method for testing rail systems and other methods of public transport because of the precise and consistent results it yields from inspection. It offers crucial details to inspectors, revealing any flaws in the component. Problems can be quickly mitigated to avoid delays in public transport or dangerous accidents that may occur when assets malfunction.

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Roads and public transportation are only a small representation of all of the different ways that ultrasonic testing and nondestructive testing, in general, can help support developing cities. NDT helps ensure the safety and progress of all types of infrastructure, from nuclear energy to wastewater to power systems and everything in between.

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