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Here's Why the Consistency of Ultrasonic Testing Is so Important for Our Highways

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Nondestructive testing may seem like an industry that only affects people in fields like aerospace or manufacturing. While NDT is certainly one of the most reliable methods of inspection for jet engines and heavy machinery, anyone who drives a car is benefitting from the safety provided by nondestructive testing.

Ultrasonic nondestructive testing is a method commonly used to evaluate the safety of a highway, as well as other types of infrastructure, so technicians can make plans for repairs and improvements. Its a critical safety measure in a wide variety of fields. Here is why the consistency of ultrasonic testing is so important for our highways.

The Benefits of Consistent Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing and Consistency

Ultrasonic testing is a commonly used method of nondestructive testing for several reasons. In this method, ultrasound technology is used (much like an ultrasound you may see in a hospital or doctor’s office). During the inspection, ultrasonic waves travel through the component in an effort to detect a flaw.

If the sound waves strike material with a different acoustical impedance, this reflects back and the nondestructive testing technician, which indicates the flaw in the component. This information is especially beneficial because, in addition to the ultrasonic testing report identifying that a flaw is present, it can also provide the necessary information to determine the size, depth, and even the location of the flaw.

Ultrasonic testing is a precise and consistent method of NDT. Nondestructive testing technicians opt for this particular method because it can reliably yield detailed results upon every inspection.

Ultrasonic Testing for Highways

Even though many of us may take the highway on a regular basis for our daily commute, it is easy to forget just how intricate the infrastructure around us is. Highways often consist of bridges, overpasses, and other highway structures like retaining walls that don’t maintain themselves.

Each of these structures suffers a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis-- whether that is through car traffic, weather damage, age, or in the worst cases, traffic accidents.

The US is known for its infrastructure-- and unfortunately, it is more infamous than famous. Our infrastructure is aging more and more every day, and frequent maintenance is required to keep our roads safe.

According to the American Society for Civil Engineers, the American infrastructure system is rated at a D+: certainly not a grade we would want for one of the country’s most important assets. This is one of the many reasons why a reliable testing method is crucial for rebuilding and repairing infrastructure like highways in the United States.

Nondestructive testing technicians can use consistent testing methods like ultrasonic testing to keep close, accurate records of a highway and its structures over time. These consistent inspections ensure that degradation can be properly monitored and remedied to improve the quality of the asset and save lives in the long run.

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