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Why the Southwest Can Offer Extensive NDT Training

calendar Jan. 10, 2022user-iconTXNDT

There are a number of benefits to living in the southwestern United States. From the warm temperatures year round to relatively low levels of humidity, many people find states like Texas to be the ideal location to live, work, and play.

In the regions of the southwest that border the Gulf of Mexico, however, hurricane season can pose a serious threat to the lives and infrastructure in those areas.

For this reason above all, the southwest is a region in critical need of high-quality nondestructive testing to ensure that power grids can remain operational at all times and be repaired quickly during disasters.

This is also why Texas is home to one of the largest numbers of NDT training institutes. Texas has 20 different NDT schools, compared to only 3 in neighboring Oklahoma and none in New Mexico.

If you are living in the southwest, there may be no better place to begin your career than at a top tier NDT school in Texas. TXNDT is a premier NDT training institute that offers NDT technician training like no other.

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Hands-On Experience

When you are earning your certification through NDT courses, learning within the classroom is certainly important.

It is critical that emerging technicians are thoroughly educated on the ins and outs of each method of nondestructive testing. That being said, no in-class training can compare to the knowledge and experience that comes from hands-on training through TXNDT’s lab courses.

At TXNDT, we prioritize hands-on training that gives emerging technicians the opportunity to practice the skills they will need on the job to perform nondestructive testing with excellence.

Hands-on training will prepare new technicians to enter the field with the skills they need after earning certification,

Experienced Instructors

Even for the most dedicated student, an education can only be as good as the educators providing it. At TXNDT, we pride ourselves in the quality of education provided by our instructors.

Our senior instructor and general manager, Garrett Ehler, is a 1998 graduate of Baylor University.

Mr. Ehler holds dual degrees in environmental science as well as psychology. Not only is Ehler an experienced professional in the nondestructive testing world, but his other educational background uniquely qualifies him to understand holistic elements of the NDT field, such as environmental impact and the psychology of understanding and educating students.

Ehler has also served in a variety of roles in NDT, acting as the vice president and a founding employee of ReliaPOLE Inspection Services Company (now known as Exo Group).

Mr. Ehler is a top professional in his field, with a number of certifications that speak to his elevated skills:

  • AWS CWI – 13071361

  • ASNT/ACCP Level III – 229488 UT/MT/PT/VT

  • NACE CIP Level II

  • AGA Certified Inspector

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The resources and personnel of TXNDT are exclusively available to those technicians learning and practicing in the southwest. Begin your career in Texas today!

If you are looking for nondestructive testing services to protect your assets or to become a technician yourself through NDT technician training, it’s crucial to choose the right NDT training institute to meet your NDT needs.

TXNDT is a cut above the rest with superior NDT courses, knowledgeable instructors, and hands-on coursework to prepare all emerging technicians for NDT certification. Check us out online or give us a call today at 281-231-0001 to see how TXNDT can work for you!