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Why NDT Certification Is Perfect for an Unstable Economy

calendar Mar. 01, 2021user-iconTXNDT
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It goes without saying that this year has been a tumultuous one for every corner of the economy. The rapid changes in the new cycle have resulted in a great deal of anxiety regarding the market. As such, it is only natural that many of those in the workforce are searching for jobs that can withstand an economic crisis.

This is precisely why many choose nondestructive testing as a career path to weather the storms of the economy. If you are looking for a way to combat an unsure market or just want to forge a new path for the new year, NDT certification is the best choice. Here is why NDT certification is perfect for an unstable economy:

The Benefits of NDT Certification


One of the most difficult aspects of an economy is how quickly your position can become obsolete. While rapid expansion and improvement is exciting and necessary to keep an economy alive, it inevitably means that your job may always be at risk for extinction.

Some people may feel comfortable jumping from job to job, but many want a source of stability in any economy, especially an unstable economy. The versatility of NDT certification is a key feature of this field.

Nondestructive testing is used in a wide variety of fields, from medical imaging, to infrastructure, to renewable energy and beyond.

It is true that the fields supported by NDT may change. Steam engines have been replaced by more efficient trains and infrastructure has developed to support the expansion of the United States. Even so, all of these fields still require NDT technicians to function optimally.

Even if a field were to become entirely obsolete, the reach of nondestructive testing is so broad that there will always be another field to which the technician can transition with a full resume of relevant experience.


Another feature of the nondestructive testing field that makes it such a reliable choice of employment is that NDT services are always in demand.

Unlike some fields, nondestructive testing is a necessity rather than a luxury. Nondestructive testing is beneficial because it helps to extend the life of the assets under inspection and its results can guide customers to a plan to optimize productivity. At the same time, nondestructive testing is crucial for maintaining safety.

Nondestructive testing will always be a reliable choice in a career because in order to keep an owner’s asset reliable and our country’s infrastructure effective and integrable, NDT cannot be overlooked. While many other services may be suspended in a tight economy, technicians can rest assured that the demand for nondestructive testing will remain steady.

Opportunity for Advancement

When it comes to job security, the motto is typically, “Last in; first out”. In many careers, it takes years and years to gain enough seniority and experience to solidify your security at the company.

Certainly, experience and years on the job are critical for becoming the best NDT technician possible, but for those who want to expedite the process of becoming an indispensable employee, the nondestructive testing field offers a variety of opportunities for advancement for those who seek it.

NDT certification is earned based on hours of experience and training-- both on the job and during NDT courses at a certified NDT training center. Natural leaders and technicians who are willing to put in the hard work can move up the ladder as quickly as they can put in the hours necessary to achieve each level of certification.

From Level I Limited to NDT Level III Certification, each new step gets you closer and closer to job security. While newer employees may be cut in an unstable economy, with the opportunities for advancement in the NDT field, you don’t have to wait years to rest assured that you have attained job security.

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