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Why Natural Leaders Thrive with Level III NDT Certification

calendar Feb. 22, 2021user-iconTXNDT
Contractor conducting level III NDT inspection

Versatility is one of the hallmarks of the nondestructive testing field. Technicians who are passionate about anything from renewable energy, to infrastructure, to medical devices and beyond can all become integral parts of these vital industries. The flexibility of NDT also allows professionals to graduate from one field to another seamlessly to use their skills wherever the industry calls.

Not only is there room for horizontal movement in the nondestructive testing field, but there is also a great deal of vertical growth available for those who want it. From Level I limited NDT certification all the way to NDT Level III certification, the sky's the limit when it comes to the amount of training available for technicians willing to put in the work.

If you’re someone with the drive and ability to be a leader, Level III NDT certification may be a perfect fit for your skills.

What to Expect from Natural Leaders in Level III NDT

Skill Level

Natural leaders should always be the best in their field. If you expect to lead the pack, it is best to lead by example. Natural leaders are those that have reached the highest Level of skill in their field and strive to do more. This type of professional is never satisfied with the status quo and always pushes themselves to go one step ahead of the rest to better themselves.

NDT certification provides the perfect recipe for this type of leader. While Level I limited certification is available early on, those with the true drive of a leader will be pushed beyond to Level II and eventually Level III NDT certification. Because of the extensive requirements, time, and dedication to ensuring the best in asset management and integrity, only natural leaders will strive to get this to receive this highest Level of certification.


As a leader, you’re never truly on your own. A smart leader will enlist mentors and guides to be their support, even while they are in charge of others. Even so, it goes without saying that those in leadership roles have a great deal of independence on a daily basis.

A Level III NDT technician is typically the highest ranking professional at a company. It is even possible to be the only technician at your organization with this Level of certification. Because of this, a Level III certified technician may find him or herself without much oversight from others.

Only a natural leader can handle this Level of independence. It is crucial that the type of person with this amount of independence and leeway is a technician with skill and integrity: qualities that embody leadership.


Leaders want to lead. Aside from being a highly skilled technician, a natural leader also wants to guide others along the path to become skilled themselves. As a Level III NDT technician, it is your responsibility to supervise and guide newer technicians as they accrue hours and experience. This not only helps your team, but allows you to constantly hone your skills and leadership abilities.

While most on-the-job training will be beneficial for inexperienced technicians, it is crucial that these technicians are led by a professional that values going above and beyond, just like a leader.

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