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Why Magnetic Particle Testing Is Perfect for Time and Money Constraints

calendar Aug. 23, 2021user-iconTXNDT
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The world of nondestructive testing is vast. NDT technicians can support industries from infrastructure to aerospace to nuclear energy and many fields in between. Even within the nondestructive testing field itself, there is great variety. Nondestructive testing technicians can choose from several different methods of testing, depending on the needs of each job.

With all of the different testing methods that a technician can choose from, it can be challenging to determine which method is most appropriate for the given job. Certainly, factors like the material makeup of the asset, location, and part geometry can determine which testing method will yield the best results. But with all other aspects aside, if time and money are concerned, magnetic particle testing is your best option for precise results through nondestructive testing.

Benefits of Magnetic Particle Testing

It Saves Time

Magnetic particle testing is a time saver for a number of reasons, mainly due to the ease of performing the test. Even determining whether or not an asset can be tested with magnetic particle testing is a fairly quick decision to make.

Magnetic particle testing is a testing method in which a finely pigmented powder is spread over the component under inspection. The asset under inspection must be made of ferromagnetic materials, such as cobalt, steel, iron, or nickel.

Once the pigmented powder is applied to the asset, the powder will be drawn into any inconsistencies, indicating whether or not there is a flaw in the component. Magnetic particle testing, especially in the hands of an experienced NDT technician, is an efficient and fast way to detect flaws in materials.

Saving Money

As important as it is to save time and increase efficiency, a company’s bottom line is critical to thriving and growing over time. Magnetic particle testing may also be an excellent choice for those looking to save money, both immediately during the job and long term.

It’s a highly portable testing method that can significantly reduce costs for clients. Not only does it cost a lot to transport heavy machinery, but shutdowns in a plant can also cost a company a lot in lost production and wasted employee time.

With magnetic particle testing, technicians can go directly to the customer and minimize the time during which machines may need to be turned off and expedite the process of getting them up and running again. This convenience and ease will reduce the money lost while an asset is under inspection and save your clients time and money while inspecting for flaws.

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