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Why Magnetic Particle Testing Is a Good Method when Testing Different Sized Assets

calendar Apr. 07, 2021user-iconTXNDT
Magnetic particle testing in gears

Nondestructive testing services are critical for maintaining the health and safety of some of your company’s most expensive assets. NDT is the go-to method for most technicians because it can thoroughly inspect a wide variety of components without causing any damage to the asset under inspection. While there are various testing methods a technician can employ during an inspection, one of the most effective is magnetic particle testing.

Technicians will choose different methods depending on the specific task at hand. Sometimes magnetism or asset material is the deciding factor. Other times, location or part geometry determines which particular method of nondestructive testing is used by the technician.

If you own or manage a plant with assets of different sizes, magnetic particle testing may be the most efficient method to inspect a greater quantity of components. Magnetic particle testing is a great choice for many reasons, but the ability to test different sized assets may be its most important quality. Here's why.

Why Magnetic Particle Testing Is Good

What Is Magnetic Particle Testing?

As is the case for all methods of nondestructive testing, the purpose of magnetic particle testing is to identify flaws and incongruities in the component under inspection. In this method, magnetic fields are used to test ferromagnetic materials such as steel. Yokes, prods, coils, or central conductors are used to apply the magnetic field directly or indirectly.

During the magnetic particle testing process, a fine, pigmented powder is used, which draws into a magnetic leakage field when applied to the component’s surface. If this is shown, the discontinuity is revealed through a visible indicator.

Testing a Variety of Assets

One of the greatest advantages of magnetic particle testing is that it is a method that can be used to test assets of all different shapes and sizes.

Since the method makes primary use of powder for testing, it can be applied to assets of all different shapes and sizes. Some methods are ineffective on components of irregular part geometry, but magnetic particle testing can be almost universally applied to assets, regardless of shape or size.

While magnetic particle testing does require that the component under inspection is ferromagnetic, it is a great way to inspect many assets of various sizes in a smaller amount of time. Using the same testing method for multiple assets is efficient for saving time and money on inspection and increasing your productivity overall.

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