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Why Little Prep Needs to Be Done Before Magnetic Particle Testing

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Nondestructive testing is all about quality assurance. When a project is underway, there is no time to waste trying to identify and mitigate any flaws in an asset. And while nondestructive testing methods are great ways to get accurate results, they can sometimes be time-intensive and run the risk of slowing down a project or pushing a deadline.

Time saving is essential, and magnetic particle testing can help to ensure that all nondestructive testing is completed quickly without any loss of quality. The minimal amount of preparation needed to perform magnetic particle testing is crucial for completing jobs in a timely manner.

Here is what you need to know about why little prep needs to be done before magnetic particle testing.

What Is Magnetic Particle Testing?

Magnetic particle testing is an NDT method that involves using magnetic fields to locate surface and near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as steel. The magnetic field can be applied using various direct and indirect techniques such as yokes, prods, and coils or through the use of a central conductor. Magnetic particle inspection uses a fine pigmented ferromagnetic powder which, when applied to the surface of the part, will be drawn into the magnetic leakage field caused by a discontinuity, causing a visible indication.”

Prepping the Asset

In many cases, nondestructive testing can take significant amounts of time to prepare the asset under inspection before the nondestructive testing can begin.

Before liquid penetrant testing, for example, the part must be very thoroughly cleaned for the inspection to yield accurate results. Especially in a manufacturing setting where it is not uncommon for a part to be covered in dirt or grime, this may mean that an entire day must be scheduled to sufficiently clean the component before an NDT technician can even begin testing.

This is certainly not the case for magnetic particle testing.

While certain factors must be taken into account before testing begins, a technician would certainly know whether or not the component is ferromagnetic-- a requirement for magnetic particle testing to be appropriate-- far ahead of the inspection.

In certain situations, the component may need to be demagnetized before testing. Beyond this, magnetic particle testing can be performed easily on all ferromagnetic assets, regardless of part geometry.

The high portability of magnetic particle testing also reduces time needed for prep and set up to ensure that testing can be performed quickly and efficiently.

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