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Why Liquid Penetrant Testing Is Perfect for Hands-On Learning

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While many things about nondestructive testing change as technology develops and progresses, one thing remains true: hands-on experience is crucial to becoming a qualified professional.

NDT courses involve a variety of educational experiences, including both lecture and lab practice involving hands-on experience with inspections. At TXNDT, we pride ourselves on a focus on hands-on experience for our students in training labs offered with our courses.

No matter the NDT training institute, not all testing methods are the same, and some are better suited for hands-on experience than others. One of the best methods to learn to gain more hands-on experience is liquid penetrant testing. Here is what you need to know.

Liquid Penetrant Testing in the Field

Visual testing is a popular method of nondestructive testing for a variety of reasons, larger due to ease of use. While visual testing is popular and relatively simple, it should not be the method of choice for those seeking more hands-on experience.

In many circumstances, the technician does not even have to come into contact with the asset under inspection. Through the use of visual aid devices and drones, technicians can get a good view of the asset and determine if there is a flaw present.

Liquid Penetrant Testing, however, is an inherently hands-on process and is, therefore, a much better choice for technicians who seek more hands-on experience. It involves the use of a low viscosity liquid applied to the asset to test for inspections.

Using the property of capillary action, the penetrant is applied to the surface of the component. After a dwelling period, any excess penetrant is removed by the technician. At that time, any liquid penetrant that remains in the voids will flow out, indicating a flaw or fissure.

Liquid penetrant testing is a popular choice because it is fairly easy to perform and can be used on a wide variety of material types, unlike a method such as magnetic particle testing.

Every step of liquid penetrant testing, handling, and examining the asset under inspection is critical for yielding accurate results. Practice in liquid penetrant testing teaches newer technicians the ins and outs of handling assets as well as materials so they can quickly gain the hands-on experience needed to be a successful technician.

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