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Why Each Level of NDT Certification Is an Excellent Opportunity for Job Growth

calendar Jan. 03, 2022user-iconTXNDT
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There are a lot of reasons why choosing to enter the nondestructive testing field is a great career move. From job security to a variety of projects and the knowledge that you are contributing to public safety, working in NDT is a good choice for many.

If you have a growth mindset and love to constantly improve your skills, there may be no more fitting career than nondestructive testing.

Nondestructive testing certification is earned in a series of increasing levels that offer great opportunity for job growth. Here is what you need to know.

How NDT Certification Benefits Job Growth

Skill Building

Nondestructive testing is structured into a series of levels, each of which indicates an increasing level of skill and knowledge.

At Level I Limited NDT certification, new technicians are closely supervised and perform relatively few testing methods.

Level I technicians have slightly more experience but are still under the supervision of a more senior technician.

Once technicians reach NDT Level II certification, they have much more experience in the field and can even serve as supervisors for newer technicians still learning the trade.

To reach NDT Level III Unlimited certification, technicians must be proficient in a variety of methods, but they must also meet one of the following additional requirements:

  • Possess a degree in engineering or science from a university or college with a minimum one year of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)

  • Passed at least two years of science or engineering study at a college, university, or technical school with two years of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)

  • Gained four years of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)

For the dedicated technician, working toward NDT Level III certification is a great opportunity for job growth.

Increased Income

Working in nondestructive testing is a career that offers a living wage. Along with the opportunities for general job growth also come opportunities to increase your salary.

Technicians who earn higher certifications are also qualifying themselves for more income, as these technicians can tackle more on the job and perform more tasks.

Leadership Opportunities

As most educators will attest, the best way to master a subject is to teach it to someone else.

As previously mentioned, technicians who reach Level II and Level III NDT certification can serve as supervisors for newer technicians.

Not only can technicians grow through earning certification for themselves, but they can also increase their own skills through teaching others the trade of nondestructive testing.

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