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Why Does it Take So Long to Get a Level III NDT Certification?

calendar Dec. 27, 2021user-iconTXNDT
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If you are embarking on the journey of a new career in nondestructive testing, it can be exciting to think about all of the growth you have ahead of you.

While technicians can perform some aspects of the job immediately after Level I certification, it takes a lot of time to reach the end goal of Level III NDT certification.

Though any education takes time, it can be frustrating to face the limitations of performing nondestructive testing before reaching the highest level of certification.

In today’s article, we explore the FAQ: why does it take so long to get a Level III NDT certification?

Here is what you need to know.

Why It Takes so Long to Get NDT Level III Certification

Certification Levels

Nondestructive testing certification exists in a number of levels, each with varying degrees of freedom and independence.

NDT Level I Limited certification is the first level of certification that technicians reach. At this level, technicians must always be supervised by a more experienced technician and can only perform a small number of inspection methods.

At NDT Level I certification, these technicians have slightly more experience and knowledge but are still emerging technicians and require supervision from a more senior technician.

When technicians reach NDT Level II certification, it is expected that technicians are familiar with the standards, codes, and specifications of all methods for which they are qualified.

Level II technicians are under no supervision (and may actually act as supervisors themselves) and must possess the skill necessary to completely set up, perform, and interpret results from all testing methods they perform.

One of the primary reasons that Level III NDT certification can take so long to reach is because a technician must achieve each level of certification before finally earning Level III certification. While training and courses are up to the schedule of the technician to some extent, it goes without saying that coursework and on the job practice takes time.

Additional Requirements

Another reason that NDT Level III certification can take so long is because it is not only training courses that make a person ready for this high level of certification.

Nondestructive testing is all about quality assurance in some critical fields. Infrastructure, energy, and aerospace are industries in which precision is vital and small mistakes can be deadly.

NDT Level III technicians are often responsible for verifying that less experienced technicians have performed their inspection methods appropriately. That being said, these technicians need more than just extra time in the classroom.

To earn NDT Level III certification, the technician must also meet one of these requirements:

  • Possess a degree in engineering or science from a university or college with a minimum one year of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)

  • Passed at least two years of science or engineering study at a college, university, or technical school with two years of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)

  • Gained four years of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)

It takes a lot of time, effort, and determination to become an NDT Level III certified technician, but those who stand the test of time become leaders in their field and strong supervisors for emerging technicians.

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