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What Steps You Can Take when You Notice a Compromised Light Pole in Your Neighborhood

calendar May. 10, 2021user-iconTXNDT
Light pole on clear day

Most of the general public doesn’t realize that utility and light poles fall every day in the United States in neighborhoods and parking lots. Nondestructive testing (NDT) technicians do a lot of work that often goes unnoticed to mitigate these issues, but they can only work so fast in an under-employed market. It is critical to address issues with light poles early and often to protect against the horrific damage that can be caused when a pole falls.

NDT technicians are tasked with the responsibility of inspecting and repairing utility poles to prevent them from falling, but what can you do if you notice a down or damaged pole?

Here are the steps you can take when you notice a compromised light pole in your neighborhood.

What to Look for in a Compromised Light Pole


Sometimes, a fallen light pole is the result of an accident. In this case, you should always contact assistance to evaluate the security of the light pole. It is obvious when a serious crash has occurred that first responders should be contacted to take care of the result of a collision and ensure that everyone involved is brought to safety.

Even when an accident seems mild, there may be unknown damage to the pole. A pole that may appear secure could fall shortly after an accident. Never trust that a utility pole is fine after it is involved in an accident.

Wear and Tear

Of course, vehicles aren't the only hazard to light poles, and they certainly aren't the main cause of issues in the country's infrastructure. Overtime, corrosion from the outdoor elements can wear away at light poles, and they can fall suddenly. This happens often, for various reasons such as underfunded infrastructure, a lack of experts in the NDT field, and issues that have been overlooked from the conception of the asset, like improper welding. The first signs of a compromised light pole are often seen where the pole's welding takes place between the pole and the base. This is another indication that you will soon have a fallen pole in your neighborhood.

Calling NDT technicians is the only way to take care of these issues for your safety and the safety of your neighborhood. Most power line safety experts will tell you to stay at least ten feet away while addressing a down or damaged power line. It is critical to address damaged light or utility poles immediately to protect against damage. Contact your local power company to notify them that the pole has been compromised so a qualified technician can respond to the damage quickly. When in doubt, call 911 to address any utility or light pole concerns and keep your neighborhood safe.

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