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What is Level 3 NDT?: Testing Experience and Role

calendar Feb. 26, 2020user-iconTXNDT

Level three NDT certification means your NDT technician has undergone extensive training and examinations and has years of experience working in the field, applying nondestructive testing methods to help strengthen structures and improve the longevity of assets like utility poles, railways, and lattice towers.

How Do You Become a Level Three NDT?

To become level three certified requires the following:

  • Have 5 years of working experience as a level two NDT in your testing method
  • Apply for and receive approval to take examinations
  • Pass Basic exam covering all 15 methods of NDT recognized by ASNT and codes for qualification/certification for these methods.
  • Pass Method Exam for each method attempting certification in.

While passing this exam gives you a level three title, the method exam is still required for the full certification that allows you to perform level three services in the field.

The method exam is in-depth testing for thorough knowledge of theory and method, inconsistencies you’ll encounter when running these tests, and the wide range of applications for test results and analysis.

Why Does Your Facility Need an NDT Level Three?

You need an NDT level three (also called an ASNT level three) for any nondestructive testing done at your facility. A level three NDT technician must be present to manage and oversee NDT programs at your facility. They sign off on any testing and procedures you want to complete. They issue certifications to other NDT technicians. In essence, they manage and oversee your facility’s NDT program. Unless you’re working closely with an NDT level three, you cannot determine the true condition of structures and assets below their surface. You run the risk of asset failure, service interruption, assets being damaged or falling down, costly outages, and a much higher liability for safety risks.

Proactive NDT: Level Three Consulting

You know assets can fail without proactive level three oversight. But unless you’re a large company, you may not have it in the budget.

Even as a small- to medium-sized business with only one or two technicians, there’s good news. You don’t need to pay for full-time NDT personnel, and you can still have the benefit of level three oversight and expertise.

TXNDT offers level three consulting services for any industry using NDT, including every testing method. We want everyone who depends on NDT for safe, reliable testing to have the means to execute their NDT program, no matter how small or localized their operation.

Our consulting is done on an as-need basis. You retain us as your “level three of record,” and we help you run an NDT program that meets your needs, maintains your infrastructure, and keeps your assets running smoothly, including:

  • Compliance
  • Record-keeping
  • Supervision
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Advocate and Expert Witness Services

We’ll meet with you and your technicians to review your current NDT program. We’ll audit it for strength, weaknesses, and threats. We will recommend updates to policy, procedure, and implementation that keep everyone safe, and keep your assets protected.

We have access to an extensive network of NDT professionals across industries. We can work with you to find any answer or solution you need to implement an NDT program that exceeds your expectations and prolongs the life of your infrastructure.

Don’t wait to improve your NDT program. Start strengthening it now with NDT consulting services from TXNDT. Contact our team now to talk about your NDT goals.