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What Fields Will I Use Magnetic Particle Testing in the Most?

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As a nondestructive testing technician, you will learn to use a wide variety of testing methods in your daily line of work. While it is important for all technicians to be well versed in several testing methods, there are some methods that a technician may use more often, depending on the specific industries in which they are working.

On any given day, a nondestructive testing technician may be called upon to inspect the welding components of utility poles, public transit, wind turbines, and more. While the variety is endless, many technicians may find themselves with a consistent client, completing similar work often.

Magnetic particle testing is a tried and true method that has stood the test of time for nondestructive testing practices. If you are a technician completing NDT certification for magnetic particle testing, it is critical that you know the types of industries you will be supporting with inspections.

What Is Magnetic Particle Testing?

Magnetic particle testing is a method of nondestructive testing that involves the creation and use of a magnetic field to test for inconsistencies. Through the use of prods, yokes, or a central conductor, a magnetic field is applied to the asset under inspection. On the surface of the asset, technicians apply a fine pigmented powder. Eventually, when applied to the surface of the part, the excess powder will be drawn into the magnetic leakage field, which is caused by a discontinuity, revealing a visible indication of a flaw.

Where to Use Magnetic Particle Testing

Technicians choose magnetic particle testing for a variety of reasons. It's an effective method for inspecting assets of irregular shape or location. This method’s high portability and ease of performance make it a popular choice for many reasons. Because of its portability, magnetic particle testing can be conducted outside of a plant or warehouse with relative ease.

There are, however, some limitations to magnetic particle testing. The components inspected must be ferromagnetic for magnetic particle testing to yield results and for the inspection to be effective. And fields that involve assets made of ferromagnetic materials (iron, nickel, and cobalt, to list a few) would qualify for magnetic particle inspection.

Fields like aerospace, transportation, and renewable energy all tend to include assets made of ferromagnetic materials relevant for magnetic particle testing. So if you are hoping to work in those fields, this type of method will be essential to your resume.

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