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What Are the Best NDT Methods to Get Excellent Hands-On Experience Fast

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The time spent learning about your career in the classroom is helpful, but it pales in comparison to the experience gained when working hands-on in your field, whether this is through an internship, lab classes, or simply by entering the workforce.

Hands-on experience is especially valuable when it comes to nondestructive testing because the needs of a single job can change at the drop of a hat, depending on what happens during each individual inspection. Nondestructive testing technicians must be well versed in the ins and outs of performing nondestructive testing so they can anticipate issues and be prepared to handle any unexpected hiccups. When you acquire NDT certification through a high-quality NDT school, your NDT classes should always involve a hands-on component.

During your NDT training, certain methods may be more conducive than others to help new technicians acquire hands-on experience.

Best NDT Methods for New Technicians

Magnetic Particle Testing

When performing magnetic particle testing, technicians must apply a fine, pigmented powder that is ferromagnetic. When applied to the surface of the asset under inspection, the powder will be drawn into the magnetic field leakage caused by cracks or flaws, revealing a discontinuity.

Since magnetic particle testing is such a tangible process involving a number of different materials, it is a great method for new technicians to practice if they want hands-on experience in their NDT coursework. Magnetic particle testing is a method that moves beyond the pages in a manual into the hands of every technician.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing involves the handling of a number of tools. Technicians will learn how to use a sending unit, as well as the transducer that is made of a piezoelectric crystal. These sensitive instruments are a critical component of performing ultrasonic testing.

Ultrasonic testing requires that each technician becomes comfortable with the tools and technology used to identify flaws, as well as the knowledge to read the results transmitted through the inspection equipment. Education in ultrasonic testing is excellent practice for technicians who need more experience with the type of equipment used in the real world of NDT.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Similar to magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing is a method that moves beyond the information on a computer screen to a tangible, visible result for technicians to observe. The physical mechanics of liquid penetrant testing are similar to magnetic particle testing in that a substance (in this case, a low-viscosity liquid) is applied to the surface of the component. During inspection, the liquid penetrant will fill any cracks or voids, revealing whether or not there is an imperfection.

Liquid penetrant testing requires technicians to stretch themselves and hone their instincts to expert precision when interpreting inspection results.

These are only a few of the methods of nondestructive testing that are critical for every NDT technician to know. Depending on the specific industry and component under inspection, it is up to the technician to identify and perform the NDT method most appropriate for that job.

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