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Top 3 Unexpected Lessons Technicians Learned in NDT Classes

calendar Oct. 21, 2021user-iconTXNDT
Teacher and student learning NDT

As in every field, there is a big difference between learning about nondestructive testing and performing nondestructive testing. This is precisely why a high-quality NDT training institute will emphasize the importance of hands-on practice in NDT courses.

At TXNDT, we pride ourselves in our quality of instruction, which includes hands-on practice of nondestructive testing methods under the expert supervision of an experienced NDT technician.

During nondestructive testing courses, emerging technicians get a chance to practice actual nondestructive testing, which involves learning some unexpected lessons. Here are three things technicians may not know that are learned in NDT classes.

What You Can Learn in NDT Classes

Education is Continuous

“Graduation day,” or the last day of training, is exciting for everyone. It is a great feeling to know that you have invested in your education and mastered a new method of nondestructive testing.

When you complete a level of training for nondestructive testing, what you may not realize is that your education certainly doesn’t end with that single course. There are a wide variety of nondestructive testing methods for technicians to learn that require further certification.

Whether it is learning new NDT methods like liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, and ultrasonic testing or increasing your level of expertise by moving from Level I Limited to Level II, technicians will quickly learn that in the world of NDT, education is continuous.

Thinking on Your Feet is Crucial

Taking an NDT course will teach you the ins and outs of standard practice for nondestructive testing, but the lessons learned in NDT labs are some of the most valuable experiences you will gain in your NDT training.

During the hands-on portions of NDT technician training, emerging technicians will learn that not every performance of nondestructive testing goes as planned. It is crucial for technicians to be prepared in case testing goes awry. All technicians should be prepared to handle unexpected issues and think quickly on their feet.

NDT is a World of Opportunity

It goes without saying that nondestructive testing has a broad reach when it comes to fields that it supports, but the true variety of fields that technicians can be involved in may not be truly evident until practicing the techniques themselves.

Once technicians learn how to perform the different methods of nondestructive testing, it will become evident just how many different opportunities are opened by becoming an NDT technician.

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Nondestructive testing is anything but boring, and even the training process brings with it some unexpected lessons, but one thing you can expect from TXNDT is a high-quality training program for all new technicians.

If you are looking to become a technician through NDT technician training or hire nondestructive testing services to protect your assets, it is crucial to choose the right company to meet your NDT needs.

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