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Should I Take an NDT Course Online?

calendar Dec. 18, 2019user-iconTXNDT
TXNDT nondestructive testing online course

In this day and age, it seems as though everything has moved online. From dating, to banking, to schooling, nearly every aspect of our lives involves the use of the internet. Even so, we all know the importance of getting out into the real world and not living entirely on our devices.

When it comes to something like nondestructive testing training, the real world is vital for NDT courses and NDT certification. That being said, is there any value to taking courses online before certification? Here’s what you need to know.

The Benefits of NDT Training

Real World Settings

If you’ve taken an online course for college or for any sort of job training, you can probably attest to the fact that the prefabricated scenarios in online courses pale in comparison to the real world situations you find yourself in while you are actually performing your job.

Information delivered via an online course doesn’t have the same complexity and nuance that viewing the job performed in real life does. This can be what stands in the way between feeling knowledgeable when receiving certification and feeling unprepared.

Limited Engagement

While we might not like to admit it, most of us are much less likely to remain engaged when completing work on our own at a computer. Most often, online courses are chosen because they feel more convenient-- you can complete your coursework at your favorite coffee shop or from the comfort of your couch.

While these options may be convenient, they also leave put you at risk of limiting your engagement with critical course material. It may be cozy to sip your coffee while perusing course materials, but the chances are high that you’ll find yourself distracted by the screeching sounds of espresso machines and the conversation of an old friend who walks in the shop. Training in your pajamas is all good and well until you decide you’re more interested in the newest release on Netflix (or that a nap sounds better than all of it!).

Either way, being outside of the classroom environment removes you from the structures that so many of us lack on our own. And when you aren’t motivated to stay fully engaged with course material, you miss out on vital information that could at best result in the need for additional training and at worst it could mean that you go on the job without the right knowledge.

Hands-On Experience

If you’ve been Googling “ndt certification schools near me,'' you've got the right idea. Regardless of the ease and convenience of online training, nothing prepares you for the work of an NDT technician like nondestructive testing courses completed in person with seasoned professionals.

By getting the personal attention that only another human can provide, instructors like the experts at TXNDT can answer your questions and guide you through the process of NDT certification to ensure that you are fully prepared to enter into this exciting and growing field.

Instructors help all NDT courses candidates glean the knowledge required for and NDT technician as well as offering hands-on experience: the best way to learn any skill, especially nondestructive testing.

At TXNDT we are committed to ensuring that all technicians receive certification through our program leave as seasoned professionals with ample hands-on experience, guided by the best minds in the business.

From introductory NDT courses to NDT level 3 certification, we ensure that personnel are qualified and equipped to best serve their job functions and stay aware of any and all compliance needs and specifications.

If you or your staff are looking for ways to expand your skills and broaden your career opportunities through nondestructive testing courses, give us a call to day at (281) 231-0001 or check out our website for more information.