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Non Destructive Testing Industry Trends to Watch in 2020

calendar Feb. 03, 2020user-iconTXNDT
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We have all set goals to make big changes in the new decade. Some of us want to lose weight or ready more or have better management of finances, but have you made goals to develop your career? If you work in the NDT field, you should start planning to adapt to all of the new, exciting changes in nondestructive testing trends.

More so than ever, the nondestructive testing field is rapidly developing. As industries change and new technologies emerge, NDT is increasingly vital for quality assurance and preservation of assets.

As the NDT industry grows over time, it is crucial to stay in-the-know to take advantage of emerging markets and keep ahead of the curve. As a savvy technician, here are the top NDT industry trends to watch in 2020.

What NDT Trends to Look Out For

Renewable Energy

As more and more attention is drawn to the state of the planet, you can rest assured that renewable energy will continue to rise in popularity, and necessity.

As companies reorient toward greener practices, you can expect to see greater investments in renewable energy sources like wind energy, solar power, and hydroelectricity.

NDT and inspection is necessary for these fields to ensure that all machinery is operating in an energy-efficient manner to reduce the overall carbon footprint and increase the use and demand for cleaner sources of energy, thereby reducing the amount of energy used by fossil fuels.

Aerospace Industry

According to Market Watch, the aerospace industry is another particular area of interest looking forward in 2020.

With increasing interest in recreational space travel (or space tourism, as it is sometimes called), the development of the United States’ Space Force, and the increasing use of satellite technology, it is more important than ever that these sensitive instruments are properly inspected and tested for safety.

Especially considering how new fields like space tourism and the space force are, it is paramount that technicians keep a watchful eye on these industry trends and stay up to date on NDT certification. As trends continue to train, continuing NDT courses will become more and more necessary to stay fully informed.

Nuclear Power

According to a market forecast report by Mordor Power, there is actually an older technology that will become a key player in the NDT industry in the coming years: nuclear power.

While it is certainly possible that new technologies adjacent and pertaining to nuclear power will emerge, what is even more important to consider is the fact that “in the next four years, more than 67 nuclear reactors in the world are estimated to reach an age of over 40 years of the operational period.”

As with infrastructure assets, equipment that has endured the wear and tear of many years of use will need special attention as its capabilities decrease and machines begin to show their age.

Especially when it comes to potentially hazardous facilities like nuclear reactors, proper maintenance and repair is crucial, not only because many countries rely on nuclear power for a majority of their energy, but also because mismanagement of these resources can result in tragedy.

As nuclear reactors continue to age, demand will increase for qualified technicians who can mitigate potential problems that arise due to their age.

As you watch out for the newest NDT trends in 2020, it is vital that you are just as current in your NDT training.

At TXNDT we are committed to ensuring that all technicians receive certification through our program leave as seasoned professionals with ample hands-on experience, guided by the best minds in the business.

From introductory NDT courses to NDT level 3 certification, we ensure that personnel are qualified and equipped to best serve their job functions and stay aware of any and all compliance needs and specifications.

If you or your staff are looking for ways to expand your skills and broaden your career opportunities through nondestructive testing courses, register for 2020 courses here before spots fill up!

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