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NDT: Making Lives Safer Everyday

calendar Aug. 17, 2020user-iconTXNDT
TXNDT NDT services on a power line

If you ask the average person, chances are they have no idea what nondestructive testing is. Perhaps they may be able to identify its connection to construction or engineering, but few average citizens realize how much their daily lives are powered and protected by the results of nondestructive testing.

For anyone who has ever used a cellphone, had an xray, put gas in a car, and any number of other tasks, it is nondestructive testing that ensures these processes can be performed safely and that the instruments used in these fields are free of damage.

Today on the blog we explore just a few of the ways that NDT makes all of our lives safer everyday.

Vital Industries

The utility of nondestructive testing is certainly beyond the scope of just infrastructure and aerospace. NDT is a vital part of fields that directly protect the health and well-being of individuals everyday.

In the medical imaging industry, the instruments used are highly sensitive and very expensive. Nondestructive testing is used to ensure that these assets are functioning properly without causing damage to the instrument.

To properly perform x rays, MRIs, CT Scans, and any number of other crucial tests, it is paramount that medical imaging devices used in these processes are inspected frequently and by a non-invasive method.

NDT technicians provide the necessary testing to help ensure the proper function of these instruments so that medical workers can do their job of identifying ailments and injuries, keeping patients as safe as possible.

Protection of Assets

You probably haven’t thought about power lines, light poles, or telecommunications structures unless you’ve seen one that has suffered damage.

Without frequent inspection and repair, utility poles are at a constant risk of damage.

Whether it is due to wind, rain, or the less common occurrence of damage due to accidents (cars, etc.), utility poles are always exposed to elements that contribute to their degradation, regardless of where they are located. When poles become significantly damaged, they are at a high risk of falling and causing serious damage or injury to anyone and anything nearby.

Nondestructive testing technicians perform testing that monitors the health of utility poles, ensuring that any risk of a fallen pole is mitigated.

Environmental Protection

Most average people don’t think about the importance of pipelines and oil rigs until something goes terribly wrong with one.

Faulty and ill-managed pipelines are responsible for some of the worst ecological disasters in the modern world. It is crucial to the protection of the environment that pipelines and oil rigs are frequently monitored for damage and that any and all flaws are repaired immediately.

Without the work of skilled ndt technicians, pipelines can be a source of devastating damage to the environment.

Community Connectivity

In a world where more and more of our commerce, careers, and social connections exist online, telecommunications are more important than they’ve ever been. As such, telecommunications structures are crucial for maintaining the connectivity we need on a daily basis.

Nondestructive testing technicians ensure that all telecommunications structures and instruments are fully functional to keep people safe and connected everyday.

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