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Military Uses for NDT

calendar Jan. 18, 2021user-iconTXNDT
Military helicopter flying

When it comes to the armed forces, we should spare no expense to make sure that all equipment and machinery operated by the people who risk their lives everyday is safe and efficient. Whether it is for defense, transport, or technology, it is critical that soldiers are given the tools to perform their jobs with excellence and without the risk or hindrance of faulty materials.

Nondestructive testing is one of the only inspection methods that can offer the type of precision and sensitivity required to support the military in its everyday operations. Here, we explore how nondestructive testing supports the military.

What to Know About Military NDT

NDT in the Military

Many of the tools and equipment used by the military requires inspection through nondestructive testing. In fact, many of the safety precautions outlined in the Army, Navy, and Air Force Technical Orders call for NDT.

Nondestructive testing is used to inspect for safety of weapons, vehicles, and infrastructure for flaws and corrosion. Based on the results of these inspections, repairs and replacements can be made to ensure the safety of soldiers.

Often, the equipment manager or the military branch itself will have specifics drawn up for procedures to inspect assets on an individual basis. It is crucial that NDT personnel (military or otherwise), are very cautious when inspecting equipment. Not only will this equipment and machinery be critical for the completion of every military mission, but the assets under inspection can themselves be hazardous, thus exposing NDT personnel to risk. NDT technicians working within the military should be prepared for the risks associated with this particular field.

A New Avenue

Nondestructive testing of all kinds grants technicians access to a wide variety of fields and opportunities. NDT technicians can find satisfaction in a job that supports their world from infrastructure work, to green energy, to medical imaging. Even if you are not working for a nonprofit group per se, the opportunities to do good are endless.

The same is true for NDT technicians who work in the military. Individuals who want to use the skills gained from NDT certification and serve their country in the military don’t have to make the choice between being a civilian NDT technician or being a soldier. The military needs qualified and skilled nondestructive testing technicians to keep all of the servicemen and servicewomen in the armed forces protected from harm or inefficiency-- could you be that technician?

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