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How Will Level 3 Certification Set Me Apart as an NDT Inspector?

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In a growing and competitive job market, applicants are always looking for ways to make their resume stand out. While buzzwords and slick formats may give your resume the appearance of quality, these efforts are irrelevant if an employer finds your qualifications insufficient.

In the nondestructive testing world, a can-do attitude and willingness to learn alone won’t get you through the door and into the field.

If you are interviewing as a nondestructive testing technician, you need hard skills and expert training to get an interview, but landing the job will take more.

Today on the blog we answer the FAQ: How will level III certification set me apart as an NDT inspector?

The Perks of NDT Level 3 Certification

Skills and Responsibilities

Saying you have achieved certification carries a lot of weight in the NDT field. For a technician to reach Level III status, not only have they done the coursework to earn certification in Level I and Level II NDT certification through NDT courses and hands-on experience in an NDT lab, Level III NDT technicians have completed the highest level of training.

Additionally, one of the following requirements must also be met to claim Level III NDT certification:

  • Possess a degree in engineering or science from a university or college with a minimum one year of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)
  • Passed at least two years of science or engineering study at a college, university, or technical school with two years of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)
  • Gained four years of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)

Level III NDT certification demonstrates to potential employers that you are at the top of your field and committed to excellence in your profession.

Level III NDT Services

Level III certification can also be attractive for employers because of the different services you can provide as an NDT technician.

While technicians at lower levels can perform a variety of NDT methods, Level III technicians have a much greater scope of services they can provide for clients.

These services include:

  • Developing and/or reviewing client’s written practices for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel.
  • Developing and/or reviewing client’s NDT procedures.
  • Verification of qualifications and/or certifications of NDT personnel.
  • Conducting training and qualification testing to certify personnel.
  • Representing clients in discussions with customers, sub-contractors, auditors, etc. with regards to your NDT Program including procedures and written practice.
  • Development of calibration standards, ultrasonic testing, and equipment selection.
  • Expert witness, depositions or third part advocacy work.

When you’re a Level III certified NDT technician, you’ve reached a level of independence that cannot be found at any other level. At this point, you’re the one calling the shots with all of the rights and responsibilities of a team leader. Certainly, this is not a freedom to be taken lightly.

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