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How to Get Your Technicians Field-Ready

calendar May. 03, 2021user-iconTXNDT
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When a new employee enters any field, it is critical to make sure that they are fully prepared to fulfill the duties of their position. Between schooling and licensure and exams, most professions require rigorous vetting before employees can enter the workforce.

This is especially true when it comes to nondestructive testing. Before technicians can enter the field, they need to be fully prepared to reduce the risk of a project gone wrong. If a technician is not sufficiently trained before they enter the NDT field, a project gone sideways can cost you or a client valuable time and money, not to mention the potential safety risks.

At TXNDT, we make sure that all of the technicians who leave our NDT courses are more than ready to enter the field as skilled technicians, here is how it’s done.

How to Prepare Technicians for the Field


TXNDT is known for its high-caliber NDT training school. At our training facilities, technicians are guided by instructors who know the ins and outs of nondestructive testing.

All of our instructors are individuals who have hands-on experience in the nondestructive testing field. Employers can rest assured that their employees have received training from individuals who have experienced the job of an NDT technician and practice it frequently, rather than a trainer who stopped practicing years ago.

TXNDT offers a full range of NDT certifications. Prospective technicians can receive NDT technician training at whichever level they seek, from Level I limited to NDT Level III certification. Whether your employees are just entering the field or continuing their education, they will always be ready to practice with courses from TXNDT.

Hands-On Experience

Nondestructive testing is a field that is anything but theoretical. Technicians will need a lot more than just seminars and training sessions to prove themselves ready. At TXNDT, one of the many highlights of our training program is the emphasis on hands-on training for all prospective technicians.

Hands-on training within the safety of a training course gives inexperienced technicians a safe place to fail and learn as they grow in their NDT skills. This type of training is critical to help technicians learn the reality of the difficulties that may arise on the job and the best ways to anticipate and respond to issues. Hands-on experience is key to ensuring that NDT technicians are ready to make the right decisions in the field and implement best practices.

Contact TXNDT Today!

Whether you are looking to make sure the technicians you work with are ready to face the realities of in-field asset management, hire nondestructive testing services to protect your assets or become a technician through NDT technician training, it is crucial to choose the right company to meet your NDT needs.

TXNDT is a cut above the rest with superior NDT courses, knowledgeable instructors, and hands-on coursework to prepare all prospective technicians for the field. When lives are on the line, choose the best people for the job. Check us out online, or give us a call today at 281-231-0001 to see how TXNDT can work for you!