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How to Achieve Level 2 NDT Certification

calendar Feb. 19, 2020user-iconTXNDT
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Becoming certified as a level one NDT technician is a good first step, but pursuing level two NDT Certification is an ideal investment in your success as an NDT inspector.

While level one is essentially an apprenticeship, level two NDT certification gives you greater freedom and flexibility to perform NDT testing in the field, and a greater understanding of how to utilize the data from your chosen NDT method.

Here are the steps we recommend to achieve NDT certification at level two.

Formal Classroom Training

The first component of successful level two certification is formal classroom training. Different NDT testing disciplines have their own coursework requirements, depending on the complexity of that particular method of nondestructive testing.

Level two instruction builds on level one, but adds technical knowledge and skills to help you identify flaws and irregularities you may encounter when testing structures so you can more accurately interpret testing data.

Levels one and two may receive instruction simultaneously for more thorough and efficient training. For example, our NDT training includes a visual inspection certification course for levels one and two that covers:

  • Theory of visual inspection and the mechanics of the human eye
  • Proper illumination techniques
  • Various discontinuities that may be encountered in a visual inspection
  • Visual tools, gauges and measuring devices
  • Advanced VT devices


At the completion of instruction, you will be given an examination covering the theory, methods, discontinuities, and techniques you learned about during your course.

Because your work as an NDT technician will be hands-on, choosing an NDT instructor that offers that style of instruction will only help you. Similarly, in-person rather than online instruction gives you the opportunity to learn from high-level NDT technicians face to face, and to observe testing instruments and data for yourself.

On the Job Training (OJT)

On the job training (OJT) is the final component to full NDT certification. Your OJT requirements will vary according to the testing method for which you want to be certified, and the industry in which you plan to perform nondestructive testing.

If you’re interested in diving into NDT but aren’t sure which discipline to pursue, explore industries that use NDT to learn more about which testing methods they use, and the training they require from their certified technicians.

Superior NDT Training with TXNDT

When you pursue level two certification with TXNDT, you receive in-person instruction and hands-on learning that exceeds industry standards. You’ll learn about the many possibilities for NDT careers, and have the opportunity to see firsthand how cutting edge equipment and techniques keep technicians and assets safe.

And the benefits of training with TXNDT don’t stop when class is over. You become part of an extensive network of NDT professionals committed to helping one another succeed. We offer NDT job placement assistance for newly-certified technicians, and even call on our graduates for their expertise as their skills develop.

Look forward to an exciting career in NDT, starting with comprehensive training. Explore our course catalog and contact us with any questions about NDT certification you have along the way. No matter what discipline you pursue, or what level you’re aiming for, TXNDT is ready to help you meet your goals.