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How Much Should I Budget for NDT Training?

calendar Apr. 27, 2020user-iconTXNDT
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With all of the ways that you or your company could be investing your finances, you need to make shrewd decisions as to where funds should be allocated.

When it comes to NDT training, this streamlined process certainly offers more than sufficient return on your investment. But you may find yourself asking, just how much should I budget for NDT training for myself or for my employees?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is NDT Training?

Nondestructive testing serves a variety of industries, from railways, to green energy to infrastructure. It is an exciting and innovative field that continues to grow exponentially, both in demand and fields serviced.

Nondestructive testing technicians learn how to perform the best methods of inspection on sensitive assets that don’t damage components.

NDT certification can look different depending on the level of certification you seek:

  • Level I Limited and Level I: At this level of experience, technicians perform very few varieties of testing and are closely monitored by supervisors.
  • Level II: At this level of certification, technicians are expected to be well-versed in the codes, standards, and specifications of the jobs they are performing. Level II technicians are capable of setting up and conducting all inspection procedures on their own and can serve as supervisors for less experienced technicians.
  • Level III: This is the highest level of certification available to a technician and therefore requires the most of each NDT certification candidate. These individuals should have the most experience of all three levels. And are often called upon to train or supervise other technicians in training.

What is the Financial Investment for NDT Training?

Just as levels of certification vary, the cost for certain courses is contingent on what type of training you seek.

Our current course offerings are as follows:

  • Ultrasonic Testing Level I: 40 hours over 5 days ($1,095.00)
  • Ultrasonic Testing Level II: 40 hours over 5 days ($1,095.00)
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing Level I and II: 16 hours over 2 days ($695.00)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing Level I and II: 24 hours over 3 days ($895.00)
  • Visual Inspection Level I and II: 24 hours over 3 days ($895.00)

TXNDT also offers discounted rates for taking multiple courses.

To find out more about NDT courses offered email register@texasndt.com.

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At any level, technicians can rest assured that they are receiving a valuable return on investment from any investments made with the qualified instructors at TXNDT.

Technicians are offered training in a variety of NDT methods such as

Liquid Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing and Visual Inspection to become a well-rounded and highly-skilled NDT professional.

Check out the 2020 Course Catalog for more details on course offerings from our NDT school!

If you or your staff are looking for ways to expand your skills and broaden your career opportunities and increase your earning potential through nondestructive testing courses, give us a call today at 281-231-0001 or visit our website for more information.