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How Can I Save My City's Infrastructure?

calendar Jul. 12, 2021user-iconTXNDT
Railroad infrastructure in Texas

Infrastructure is a vital element of every society that often goes unnoticed until it malfunctions. Infrastructure consists of various parts of everyday life such as broadband, dams, public parks, drinking water structures, and energy plants, to name a few.

Even if you don’t travel by rail or public transportation, infrastructure is certainly something you should care about.

In the U.S., our infrastructure is well known for being sub-standard across most metrics.

Here is how nondestructive testing can save the infrastructure in your city.

What to Know About Infrastructure

National Infrastructure

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the quality of a highway or nervous about the state of a bridge, you’re certainly not alone.

The ASCE or American Society for Civil Engineers has consistently rated American infrastructure quite low. While the holistic grade has crept up slightly in recent years, our country’s infrastructure has only reached a C- (and is still in the D range for critical services like hazardous waste and wastewater).

When infrastructure is poor, the local community suffers in addition to the reputation of the country as a whole. The best way to address our nation’s failing infrastructure is by approaching it at the local level, city by city, tackling the issues that matter most to your community.

Whatever the problem is, nondestructive testing is the cure-all for infrastructure problems.

Nondestructive Testing for Infrastructure

Common issues for city infrastructure are assets like roads, drinking water, and school facilities. These are critical elements that impact the daily lives and safety of countless members in your community. They are also important features that can highlight the strength of your community when they are operating efficiently.

Infrastructure typically consists of assets like machines and structures which can be evaluated for safety using nondestructive testing.

Since the elements of infrastructure are very highly trafficked, it is critical that the inspection methods used yield precise and informative results so that all flaws can be detected and addressed immediately.

Ultrasonic nondestructive testing is a method commonly used during NDT inspections, and it can be tremendously beneficial for testing sensitive instruments without causing expensive damage to the asset under inspection. Ultrasonic testing is precise and consistent and can indicate to inspectors whether or not an inconsistency is present as well in addition to details such as where the flaw is located or its size.

Other testing methods like liquid penetrant testing are great choices for testing infrastructure because they are highly portable and can be transported to nearly any location throughout your city with infrastructure that needs to be inspected.

Whatever method is chosen, it is critical to use precise methods only found in nondestructive testing to help keep your community safe and healthy.

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A thriving infrastructure is key to a healthy and thriving community. To get your infrastructure in order, make sure you are hiring the right services for your city’s inspections and repairs.

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