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How an NDT Certification Can Make Your Child's Athletic Team Safer

calendar Feb. 07, 2022user-iconTXNDT

For the average person, nondestructive testing seems like a far off concept.

While nondestructive testing is a method often used in aerospace, manufacturing, and renewable energy, nondestructive testing is anything but a niche industry. If you have ever driven on a highway or ridden on public transit, you have benefitted from the work of nondestructive testing technicians.

The power of NDT even stretches as far as protection for your child’s athletic team at their next game. Here is what you need to know.

NDT and Safety

Nondestructive testing, applied to any field, is a method of quality and safety assurance. Through methods like liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, and ultrasonic testing, nondestructive testing technicians can carefully and thoroughly inspect assets for flaws and inconsistencies without causing damage like other, more invasive inspection methods may.

Nondestructive testing is the reason that planes fly safely, factories operate efficiently, and countless industries continue to innovate. While typically small, the flaws and cracks indicated by nondestructive testing are critical for ensuring safety for all communities.

NDT for Your Family

Nondestructive testing can even be of benefit the next time you find yourself at a soccer game or football match.

Some of the most commonly inspected assets in the nondestructive testing field are light or utility poles.

Functional light poles are often taken for granted on a school field, and people tend to forget that maintaining those “Friday night lights” actually takes quite a bit of planning and care.

Stadium lights are a crucial part of the safety of players and parents alike. For athletes on the field, poorly lit areas can present serious dangers, especially for fall and winter sports when the days are short and darkness falls early.

One unseen pothole or foreign object in the grass could result in a significant injury for players if they do not have the visibility to anticipate it.

Nondestructive testing technicians work tirelessly to inspect for structural damage that could result in a malfunctioning light pole, keeping fields bright and athletes safe.

Nondestructive testing also works to prevent one of the more disastrous results of a damaged light pole: down light poles.

Light poles are constantly exposed to the elements. Wind and rain can lead to corrosive elements like rust and grime that significantly compromise the structural integrity of the light pole.

Without regular inspection and maintenance, you run the risk of light pole failure, leaving players and families vulnerable to serious injury.

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When the health and safety of families and players are on the line, it is crucial that NDT technicians are educated at a top NDT school.

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