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Can I Work Full-Time and Still Get My NDT Certification?

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There comes a time in everyone’s life where they feel the need for a change. Whether it is due to a new location, or simply the desire for something different, career shifts are a normal part of life for most people.

As with any change, a new career can bring about a number of difficulties, chief among them the challenges associated with acquiring new skills for a new job. For many people, getting a new job may mean quitting their current job to spend time taking courses for their new desired career. For many other workers, however, taking a few weeks or months in between jobs to spend time training is simply not a viable option.

While nondestructive testing is a desirable career, it does require training and education that takes time to become a qualified technician-- but does this mean that NDT is only for those who can afford to take off months of work for extensive training?

What to Know About NDT Training with a Busy Schedule

NDT Courses

Unlike an associate’s degree or another certification, an NDT certification can be earned at the pace you choose, depending on your time and desired level of certification. NDT certifications are organized into increasing levels as you go, each certification tier requiring varying degrees of course work and in-field experience.

For those who may want to enter into the field quickly, Level I Limited certification is the first level of entry into the nondestructive testing field. After some initial coursework, these entry-level technicians can perform nondestructive tests under close supervision of a more advanced technician. For individuals working full-time who still need income while they are in training, working toward this level of NDT certification is the perfect way to get their foot in the door before they fully transition into the nondestructive testing field.

Once the full transition is made into the NDT field, technicians may continue their work (perhaps in the NDT field) while continuing training toward Level I, Level II, or NDT Level III Unlimited Certification.

Continuing Education

In the NDT field, many technicians decide to work toward higher levels of certification because of the increased levels of autonomy, higher salary, and greater flexibility it provides. Fortunately, NDT is a career that is built for growth. For those NDT technicians already working full time in the field, courses are structured to complement the work you are already doing in the real world as you work toward higher levels of certification.

Courses are scheduled in blocks based on methods of testing so that each technician can choose the methods for which they seek training. Technicians can work with their employers to decide how and when they will acquire certification in the various testing disciplines as best fits the individual technician’s schedule and the needs of their employer.

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