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5 Benefits of Non Destructive Testing Level III Certification

calendar Jun. 22, 2020user-iconTXNDT
Students in NDT Level III Certification class

In any field, there are levels of competence and experience. Over time, everyone gets progressively better at their jobs with more time and experience.

In the nondestructive testing field, levels of skill can be achieved through attaining different levels of certification: Level I limited all the way through Level III certification.

At any level, there are a world of opportunities for technicians with even the most basic level of NDT training.

If an NDT technician can perform a job sufficiently, even with level I limited certification, is there any need to invest the time and money into level III certification?

Here’s what you need to know about the five benefits of nondestructive testing level III certification.

Benefits of Level III NDT

Levels of Certification

It is important to distinguish between the different levels of certification to fully understand each level’s role and responsibilities:

  • Level I Limited and Level I: the lowest level of NDT certification, at this level, technicians are learning the basics of nondestructive testing and conducting tests under close supervision
  • Level II: at this level, technicians have more experience, are familiar with how to prepare for and conduct various nondestructive tests, and can supervise less experienced technicians
  • NDT Level III Certification: Technicians at this level are highly skilled and serve as supervisors and instructors, as well as experienced technicians.

Level III Benefits

1. Autonomy

As previously mentioned, technicians who have achieved level III certification are given a great deal of autonomy in their practice of nondestructive testing.

Unlike those technicians who are only at a level I, level III technicians can perform inspections without another technician supervising their work. This allows for a lot more flexibility for each technician to work according to their strengths without having to coordinate between multiple technicians.

2. Competency

As can be assumed, technicians with the highest level of certification are assumed to also have the highest level of competence.

To achieve level III certification, there are a number of things required beyond just spending years in the ndt field.

Level III certified technicians demonstrate their skill through one of these requirements:

  • Possess a degree in engineering or science from a university or college with a minimum one year of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)
  • Passed at least two years of science or engineering study at a college, university, or technical school with two years of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)
  • Gained four years of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)

3. Marketability

Level III ndt technicians are much more marketable than technicians with a lower level of certification.

Because of their advanced expertise and ability to work without supervision, companies looking to hire an inspector are much more likely to hire someone with level III certification.

4. Job Prospects

Not only are level III technicians more likely to be sought out by those in need of an inspector, there are also more jobs available for those with this level of certification.

Level III ndt technicians are also eligible to become supervisors and train prospective technicians.

5. Financial Benefits

Much like many fields, achieving this high level of certification comes with some financial benefits as well as professional benefits.

According to Surehand, “NDT technicians earn average salaries above the median household income for the United States; in 2018, Level I technicians earned an average of $72.684, while Levels II and III earned at or even above $100,000.”

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