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What to Look for When Looking at Reviews of NDT Training Schools

calendar Jan. 31, 2022user-iconTXNDT

If you are choosing a new career in nondestructive testing or making a career shift, there are a lot of things to consider. As highly as each NDT training institute may praise itself in advertisements, you never want to risk choosing the wrong NDT school for your NDT certification.

Without full knowledge of the NDT school’s quality, you run the risk of wasting important time and money on a certification that doesn’t sufficiently prepare you to become a nondestructive testing technician.

The best way to learn about the quality of an NDT training school is through the first-hand experience of the technicians who have earned their certifications.

When you are reading through reviews of different NDT training institutes, here are the sure signs of a quality training program.

Hands-On Experience

Any NDT school will offer seminars and lectures that train technicians in the specifics of nondestructive testing methods. Without a doubt, it is important to have “book knowledge” on NDT methods; however, nothing compares to the experience gained through hands-on practice in NDT training labs.

Nondestructive testing can be tricky, and technicians must be prepared to handle any unexpected circumstances that may arise during testing. If something goes awry during testing, an experienced technician who has had plenty of hands-on practice will know just how to approach any irregularities.

When you are looking over reviews for an NDT school, be sure to look for hands-on practice in NDT labs.

Trusted Instructors

Experts say that the highest level of mastery over a subject is demonstrated by the ability to teach someone else. At an NDT school, your education will only be as good as the instructors teaching the courses.

At TXNDT, our head instructor Garrett Ehler is an experienced nondestructive testing technician with years of NDT practice under his belt. His dual degrees in psychology and environmental science uniquely qualify him for the job of NDT instructor.

Not only does he understand the environmental impact of the fields supported through nondestructive testing, Ehler also has a deep understanding of people and how to properly educate the adult mind.

Always look out for reviews that mention the quality and character of instructors. While you are earning your NDT certification, your education is in their hands.

Job Prospects

As wonderful as a quality education is, the primary goal of earning NDT certification is landing a good job with a stable income. Once you have your NDT certification, finding the right job doesn’t have to be a burden you bear entirely on your own.

A great NDT school will offer various job preparation services like mock interviews, resume guidance, and job placement.

At TXNDT, we help our technicians at every step of the NDT training process, from initial training all the way to job preparation and placement.

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If you are looking for nondestructive testing services to protect your assets or to become a technician yourself through NDT technician training, it’s crucial to choose the right NDT training institute to meet your NDT needs.

TXNDT is a cut above the rest with superior NDT courses, knowledgeable instructors, and hands-on coursework to prepare all emerging technicians for NDT certification. Check us out online or give us a call today at 281-231-0001 to see how TXNDT can work for you!