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What Steps Can I Take to Become an NDT Manager?

calendar Jun. 10, 2021user-iconTXNDT
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Nondestructive testing is a career built for growth. With the increasing levels of certification, variety of testing disciplines, and vast expanse of industries supported by NDT, nondestructive testing technicians can continue to invest in their training and grow throughout their whole careers.

For those who have leadership potential, becoming an NDT general manager may be an attractive goal. While it may not be easy, advancing to the top of your field through NDT certification and continuing NDT courses can properly train the technicians who want to reach the level of NDT general manager. Here is how you can get there.

How to Become an NDT Manager

NDT Certification Levels

The NDT certification structure encourages growth. Entry-level technicians directly out of NDT training school will enter into the field as Level I Limited technicians. Even for beginner technicians, the hands-on experience offered in TXNDT’s NDT courses prepares all prospective technicians to enter the field as skilled individuals. All employers hiring Level I Limited technicians can trust that their technicians are still fully capable of performing their duties. With time and experience comes a greater level of independence in the nondestructive testing field. Technicians who reach Level I certification are able to work with less supervision and more independence.

By the time NDT technicians reach Level II, they are able to take on new responsibilities if they wish. These technicians can perform their jobs without close supervision from another technician and take on leadership roles as supervisors for newer technicians. Technicians with leadership roles in mind must dedicate themselves to growth.

Once an NDT technician moves through the ranks to earn NDT Level III certification, they are expected to perform a wide variety of testing methods with complete independence. Level III technicians are also sought after to be highly qualified supervisors and trainers for less experienced technicians.

Supervisory Roles

The role of an NDT manager or supervisor is a critical one. In many circumstances, nondestructive testing is the one thing standing in between safety and absolute disaster. Since nondestructive testing supports industries like infrastructure and medical imaging, testing must be thorough and accurate to ensure all assets are managed appropriately.

However, nondestructive testing methods can only be accurate if the technician performing the test is skilled and experienced. Especially for newer technicians, having a knowledgeable supervisor is crucial to learning the ropes of the field and performing each nondestructive testing method perfectly. Since the stakes are much higher for NDT supervisors, the highest level of NDT certification (NDT Level III certification) requires a lot more than just standard education and experience.

The highest level of NDT certification, and those most often chosen for leadership positions like management, must also meet one of the following requirements in addition to NDT training and certification exams:

  • Possess a degree in engineering or science from a university or college with a minimum of one year of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)

  • Passed at least two years of science or engineering study at a college, university, or technical school with two years of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)

  • Gained four years of Level II experience in the specific NDT discipline(s)

It takes a lot of determination to reach the highest ranks of nondestructive testing, but with the stakes of NDT being as high as they are, it is paramount that managers and supervisors are those who have proven themselves capable of completing high-quality work and leading others to do the same.

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It takes a lot of training to become an NDT manager or supervisor, but training is only as good as the company providing it. Whether you are looking to hire nondestructive testing services to protect your assets or become a technician through NDT technician training, it is crucial to choose the right company to meet your NDT needs.

TXNDT is a cut above the rest with superior NDT courses, knowledgeable instructors, and hands-on coursework to prepare all prospective technicians for the field. When lives are on the line, choose the best people for the job. Check us out online, or give us a call today at 281-231-0001 to see how TXNDT can work for you!