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NDT for Medical Equipment: What You Need to Know and Why It's Important

calendar Nov. 30, 2020user-iconTXNDT
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Nearly every aspect of modern life has been completely upended by the global coronavirus. From shelter in place orders to school shutdowns, every citizen has felt the impact of COVID-19. More than ever before the medical field has taken an all hands on deck approach to combating coronavirus, protecting our communities, and keeping the world safe.

While the doctors and nurses on the frontline are going above and beyond to treat patients affected by this illness on top of all other conditions, all the different facets of the medical field have been operating a top capacity to combat the pandemic-- this includes nondestructive testing technicians.

NDT in the Medical Field

The medical field involves a lot more than just doctors, nurses, and lab technicians. The technicians who help manufacture the devices and equipment used by medical professionals are critical to the function of this industry. Those technicians rely heavily on the expertise of NDT technicians to inspect the machines they use to create medical devices and equipment.

Before doctors can use the medical devices and equipment crucial for treating patients, it must be safely and precisely manufactured by highly-skilled technicians.

While it is always important for technicians to approach their work with caution, the manufacturing of medical equipment must be handled with added care. If a component that goes out into the world fails, there is a high likelihood of damage, but a medical device going inside a person that fails spells disaster, injury, and even death.

NDT technicians are crucial for testing the medical devices used by doctors for defects without causing damage to the sensitive and expensive instruments themselves before they are used on a patient.

NDT technicians are also an integral component of the creation of medical equipment such as PPE or personal protective equipment. All PPE must be manufactured on machines that are functioning at their best to ensure that each piece is created to the precise specifications required to ensure safety. Technicians often use magnetic particle testing and liquid penetrant testing to accomplish this. If the machines manufacturing these materials are not functioning how they should, you run the risk of faulty equipment being manufactured.

At best, faulty equipment will be rejected and will cost valuable time and money while appropriate equipment is remade. At worst, faulty equipment could go out into the field and put countless lives at risk.

In many ways, nondestructive testing technicians and manufacturing workers and the essential workers behind the scenes ensuring that medical professionals have everything they need to perform their jobs and protect our world. It is crucial that the technicians supporting the medical field are highly skilled and competent workers to guarantee safety and every step of the production process.

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