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How the Versatility of Ultrasonic Testing Allows for the Integrity of Assets to be Verified and Maintained

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One of the special features of nondestructive testing is its versatility. NDT is a critical feature of a number of different industries, ranging as wide as infrastructure, medical imaging, renewable energy, and beyond. While nondestructive testing, as a practice, is especially versatile in that a variety of industries can use it, each individual method of testing offers its own level of versatility for every job accomplished.

One of the most versatile testing methods available to nondestructive testing technicians is ultrasonic testing. Through this method, technicians can do more than just identify flaws. Let's explore how the versatility of ultrasonic testing allows for the integrity of assets to be verified and maintained.

What to Know About Ultrasonic Testing

What Is Ultrasonic Testing?

Ultrasonic nondestructive testing is a commonly used method of nondestructive testing that uses the principles of ultrasound technology to detect flaws and inconsistencies in the component under inspection.

In this method, sound waves travel through the component and reflect back to the nondestructive testing technician. During the inspection, if sound waves strike material with a different acoustical impedance, this reflects back and the nondestructive testing technician is able to identify and locate the flaw in the component.

Not only does the ultrasonic testing report indicate whether or not a flaw is present, but it also provides the necessary information to determine the size, depth, and even the location of the flaw. This information is invaluable when it comes to protecting your assets.

Verify and Maintain

If you contract another company to fabricate a large asset like a utility pole, you can’t afford any mistakes. Once that asset is sent out into a parking lot or street, disaster is practically inevitable if it has not been inspected before it leaves your plant.

Since outsourcing certain processes can leave room for error, it is critical that all assets get a thorough and regular inspection. Even if the company you’ve hired to build your assets claims to produce quality products, you can never be too certain. Not only will a utility pole failure cost you millions of dollars in repairs, but it can also be fatal to anyone nearby.

Through ultrasonic testing, you have a versatile method that can be used in many circumstances-- whether it is a utility pole or any other type of machinery. Ultrasonic testing’s precise results can verify that an asset is free of imperfections and functioning properly. Without this assurance, you run the risk of sending a component out into the field that might fail causing major issues for you and your bottom line.

After you verify an asset, it is critical to maintain it over time. Everyday, your assets endure wear and tear that can slowly compromise their integrity. Without regular inspection, your assets are almost guaranteed to suffer daily damage that leads to failure.

While a small crack or inconsistency may be inconsequential at first, if left untreated, it can spell disaster for your assets. Whether the result is financial damage or physical damage, these kinds of mistakes are always costly. It can actually save you money in the long-run by avoiding extensive repairs or liability issues.

Ultrasonic testing is a versatile method of nondestructive testing that can identify cracks and flaws that are too small or too faint to be detected by the human eye alone. Through precise nondestructive testing methods like ultrasonic testing, you can identify flaws before they become major issues and address them properly. This is the best way to maintain your assets and one of the only ways to ensure their healthy, full lifecycle.

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Safety should always be a priority. Nondestructive testing methods like ultrasonic testing are some of the best ways to verify and maintain your assets' quality to protect your investments and guarantee safety in the long run.

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