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How the Depth of Ultrasonic Testing Proves Your Building's Assets are Truly Safe and Sound

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Ultrasonic testing in a building

Nondestructive testing professionals are trained in a wide variety of inspection methods to serve the needs of different industries. Depending on the machine, component, or asset, nondestructive testing may evaluate different things to verify safety. Some methods are more or less effective based on geometry, magnetism, and depth of the flaw.

While some methods can only detect surface indications, ultrasonic testing is a highly effective method for finding flaws below the surface that other methods may fail to identify. Not only can ultrasonic testing indicate flaws below the surface, it can also tell you a lot more about your assets that reveal their true level of safety.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing is a nondestructive testing method that uses soundwaves to travel below the surface of a component and test for flaws.

Much like SONAR or an ultrasound at a doctor’s office, sound waves travel through the object under inspection and if these waves hit an object with a different acoustical impedance, this sound will reflect back to the sending unit and display on the screen. In addition to revealing inconsistencies in an asset which significantly compromise safety, ultrasonic testing can also reveal key characteristics of an asset’s properties.

It is important to understand the structural integrity of each component under inspection. Ultrasonic testing can indicate part thickness, which can often be a sign of safety.

The assets testing using NDT are usually very sensitive and expensive and are manufactured according to very strict specifications. An asset whose parts are not the appropriate thickness is likely to be a safety risk. Identifying this issue early on is crucial for mitigation and maintaining safety through ultrasonic testing.

This method of testing is your first line of defense against cracks, voids, and disbonds, all of which compromise the structural integrity of an asset. Not only can failures be a nuisance to repair, damaged parts can cause production delays that set you behind on projects or create safety hazards that put your employees in harm’s way. It is crucial to hire nondestructive testing services to quickly identify these smaller flaws before they result in massive failures that cost you time and money.

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