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How an NDT Certification Can Take You to Places You Never Thought You'd Go

calendar May. 02, 2022user-iconTXNDT

When entering into a new career, there are typically a lot of perks that come with the job that go beyond a great salary. For some jobs, the career comes with great health benefits, travel opportunities, a company car, and more.

When it comes to nondestructive testing, the job includes more than just a stable income and job security. Nondestructive testing is an entry into a wide variety of fields that few career paths have access to all at once.

A certification in nondestructive testing will take you to places you never thought you would go. Here is everything that an NDT career can offer you.

Variety of Fields

Nondestructive testing is a vital component of many industries in the United States and across the world.

Inspection methods like liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, and visual testing are vital for maintaining the health and safety of all people affected by industries like infrastructure and renewable energy.

In most careers, you have to choose which sector of the workforce you would like to be a part of. Anyone would be hard pressed to be both a construction worker and a pilot, but nondestructive testing technicians gain access to both of these fields.

Technicians with NDT certification could spend one day inspecting a highway overpass and the next day inspecting the welds on the wing of a plane.

With nondestructive testing, quite literally, the sky's the limit for the types of fields you may work in and support.

Advancement Opportunities

In many careers, advancement opportunities and promotions can be exclusionary. Getting ahead at your job may be more about who you know and rubbing elbows with the boss rather than demonstrating actual skills.

In the nondestructive testing field, certification is inherently structured to encourage growth and upward mobility.

To earn leadership positions and supervisory roles, technicians must practice nondestructive testing in the field and gain Level II or Level III Unlimited NDT certification. Technicians are chosen based on skill and experience, rather than by nomination from a superior.

Meaningful Work

The difference between a job and a vocation is often the sense of purpose that comes with finding a job that you find meaningful.

Nondestructive testing has a direct result on anyone who flies in a plane, drives on a bridge, or finds their path illuminated by a light pole.

It is the dedication and skill of nondestructive testing technicians that help to ensure safety and innovation all across the United States and the world.

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Even if your dream of flying to the moon passed with your childhood, aerospace is just one of the exciting places that a nondestructive testing career can take you.

If you are looking for nondestructive testing services to protect your assets or to become a technician yourself through NDT technician training, it’s crucial to choose the right NDT training institute to meet your NDT needs.

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