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3 High Demand Jobs for Professionals with NDT Training

calendar Dec. 16, 2019user-iconTXNDT
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While not ideal, it goes without saying that our nation’s infrastructure degrades over time. As such, it stands to reason that demand for job fields that maintain and improve infrastructure quality would continue to increase.

This is certainly the case for jobs in the nondestructive testing field. According to the NDT professionals at Berg Engineering, NDT jobs employed 77,000 people in 2016 and are projected to continue increasing in demand as well.

Because safety and efficiency are directly impacted by NDT operations, these jobs are performed daily, which contributes to the high demand.

If you’re considering NDT training and NDT certification, you may not have realized just how many high demand jobs you may qualify for in a number of exciting fields. Nondestructive testing is a multifaceted career that can take you in a number of directions. Here is what you need to know.

Aerospace Industry

Perhaps you wanted to be an astronaut as a child, but never quite acquired the taste for freeze-dried ice cream. Your inner child may be delighted to know that you have an opportunity to play a crucial role in the aerospace industry without the stresses of launching into orbit.

Nondestructive testing is vital to maintaining the safety and efficiency of sensitive instruments and technology used in the field of aerospace. Whether it is space flight or domestic airplanes, NDT certification can grant you access to an exciting field.

According to Aerospace Testing International, “. . . engineers and technicians use non-destructive testing techniques, equipment and analysis to examine materials and components before they enter service and while they are in service, without destroying them. NDT can also detect flaws and differences in materials that would otherwise be very difficult to detect using destructive methods.”

Nondestructive testing helps to ensure that aircrafts are operating in the safest way possible.

Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industries are likely to be the first that come to mind when contemplating jobs that require NDT certification. These are fields where sensitive materials and equipment are used, so precision and care are vital to ensuring that no harm is caused.

While oil and gas power much of our world, it is paramount that equipment that handles these precious resources are closely monitored and checked for safety. Careful testing through NDT can mean the difference between equipment that runs safely and devastating damage to the environment.

Clean Energy Industry

As industries shift to operating on clean and renewable resources, the green energy field has never been in such high demand.

As this field develops and more technologies are produced to create a sustainable future, more and more need will develop to ensure that emerging technologies are in compliance with any and all regulations.

According to assets management company Mistras, nondestructive testing is crucial for the renewable energy industry because “the general public increasingly relies on renewable energy sources, making their continued operation of crucial importance. At the same time, environmental factors such as precipitation or lightning strikes, along with the extreme stress from normal operating conditions, can lead to asset degradation over time.”

If there is any hope to expand the growth of clean energy and reduce the environmental damage caused by less sustainable resources, we must bolster the efficiency and safety of clean energy equipment.

Individuals looking to aid in the development and support of clean energy sources can find a great deal of satisfaction that their work helps to protect the environment and enrich their communities.

At TXNDT we are committed to ensuring that all technicians receive certification through our program leave as seasoned professionals with ample hands-on experience, guided by the best minds in the business.

From introductory NDT courses to NDT level 3 certification, we ensure that personnel are qualified and equipped to best serve their job functions and stay aware of any and all compliance needs and specifications.

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