What is NDT?

NDT stands for Nondestructive Testing of materials and parts without causing any destruction. The field of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is a critical industry that plays an often overlooked but always necessary role in assuring that structural components and systems perform their functions in a reliable and cost effective fashion. Also known as Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) or Nondestructive inspection (NDI), NDT technicians conduct tests in a variety of environments that identify and locate defects that could potentially cause pressure vessels to rupture, pipelines to burst, structures to fail and a variety of other less catastrophic, but equally damaging events. These tests are performed in a manner that doesn’t affect the materials ability to be utilized or put in service. There are several types of NDT inspection and NDT techniques and depending on the machinery selected, different types of nondestructive testing are applied. NDT testing methods and NDT inspection techniques are all vital components to make industries cost effective.

Let’s take a look at the most common forms of Nondestructive Testing

In its simplest form, NDT allows materials and components to be inspected and assessed without damage to them.

TXNDT is a school for nondestructive testing in the Houston, TX area which specializes in teaching nondestructive testing methods. TXNDT is a learning center that specializes in making you industry ready with the best NDT training methods and the newest equipment.

We are Texas NDT academy and we specialize in NDT training. We provide NDT inspection courses and qualifications in the most common NDT methods.


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