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Why NDT Technicians Stayed Employed Even in 2020

calendar Mar. 08, 2021user-iconTXNDT
"2020" written on paper

While 2020 is just barely behind us, most experts agree that the economy has not yet recovered from the difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 crisis in the past year. Many members of the workforce around the world found their jobs in jeopardy as the global economy was turned on its head.

In spite of this insecurity, there is one field that maintained stability in all of the chaos. Nondestructive testing technicians were able to rest assured that their jobs were safe. In such a trying time, NDT technicians could spend their time focusing on their families and remaining healthy rather than worrying about job security.

There are a number of reasons to choose nondestructive testing as a career. As the economy grows increasingly volatile, the stability of nondestructive testing is an increasingly attractive feature.

Even in 2020, NDT technicians stayed employed-- here’s why!

Why NDT Is a Secure Job


Many people enjoy working in the nondestructive testing field precisely because it is so versatile. While many assume that nondestructive testing is exclusively for manufacturing fields, nondestructive testing is actually used in a wide variety of industries. This variety is a critical component of remaining relevant in a shifting economy.

As technology develops, entire industries become obsolete. Especially this year, most people learned just how much can be accomplished remotely or via email. For individuals working in fields that require close contact or must be done in person, jobs were much less secure.

As fields adapt to the changes of the world and various sectors are no longer viable, the broad umbrella of nondestructive testing ensures that there will always be work for NDT technicians. As long as the technician is willing to adapt, nondestructive testing can serve a new field.


In an unsteady economy, companies are trying to cut every cost possible to stay afloat. Whether it is cleaning services, freelance employees, or other luxuries, many contract workers are experiencing a dry spell in contracts from their usual customers.

Fortunately for the nondestructive testing technician, nondestructive testing is not a service that can be cut in times of trouble.

The primary goal of nondestructive testing is safety. This necessity is a critical component of a business’ daily functioning and cannot be sacrificed. Whether it is by law or just by wise business practice, safety is not a luxury to sacrifice in times of need.

Furthermore, nondestructive testing is an investment that can actually save clients money. Used strategically, NDT can extend the life of your assets and optimize their productivity over time. Not only that, but nondestructive testing protects against costly and dangerous pole failures.

If not detected, an inconsistency in a component that goes out into the world can fall causing expensive damage, much more expensive than it would be to invest in nondestructive testing services.

NDT technicians have stayed employed in 2020 and beyond because nondestructive testing is safety, which is always an essential service.

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