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What NDT Classes Are Most Valuable to Proper Welding?

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It goes without saying that nondestructive testing is a vital component of safety protocols and quality assurance in a wide variety of industries. Nondestructive testing is used to verify safety and inspect components to identify any flaws or inconsistencies that may be present in an asset.

Welds are typically used to join together or repair assets, and as such, it is critical that all welds are completely properly to ensure that assets operate safely and at top capacity.

Nondestructive testing is the quality assurance method that makes that happen. Through magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, and ultrasonic testing, nondestructive testing technicians can make sure that all welds are safe.

Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic particle testing is an NDT inspection method often chosen for its relatively low cost and ease of inspection. During magnetic particle testing, a magnetic field is used to locate the flaw in an asset. A fine pigmented ferromagnetic powder is applied to the component. When a magnetic field is engaged, a magnetic leakage field caused by a flaw will draw in any excess powder, revealing the presence and location of the flaw.

Welding obviously involves metals, which is precisely what is required for magnetic particle testing. Ferromagnetic metals like iron, cobalt, and nickel are all common materials for welds, and they are also materials that perfect candidates for magnetic particle testing. NDT courses on magnetic particle testing are invaluable to those who often work with welds.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

When seeking out your NDT certification, liquid penetrant training is also vital for those who inspect welds. Liquid penetrant testing uses the property of capillary action to identify any surface-breaking flaws in a wide variety of materials.

Liquid penetrant testing is a very precise method that yields results by applying the liquid penetrant to the surface of the asset and allowing it to rest for a dwelling time. After this period, the excess penetrant is removed, and any remaining penetrant will flow back out, revealing the flaw or fissure in the weld. Liquid penetrant testing is a clear indicator of whether a flaw is present in the weld, which can help technicians quickly identify flaws to remedy any structural issues immediately.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing is an NDT method that uses sound waves to detect flaws. Ultrasonic waves travel through the component and bounce back to the inspection equipment, indicating whether or not there is any inconsistency.

Especially in the case of welds, “These alterations can be detected from the same side of the weld that the wave was introduced on, allowing the ultrasonic instrument to interpret their reflectance. Sound waves can also be detected on the far side of the weld and interpreted based on their transmittance,” according to Zetec, an NDT inspections expert.

All technicians who work with welds will benefit from training in ultrasonic testing.

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In all of the many industries served and supported by nondestructive testing, safety and security are the top priorities. Making sure that welding is done correctly the first time cannot be accomplished without vital NDT methods like magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, and ultrasonic testing.

In the case of any testing method, the most important thing is to find the best training school to prepare you to enter into the field. If you are looking for nondestructive testing services to protect your assets or to become a technician yourself through NDT technician training, it’s crucial to choose the right company or school to meet your NDT needs.

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