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What if There are No NDT Training Schools Near Me?

calendar May. 11, 2020user-iconTXNDT
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Working toward nondestructive testing certification is one of the best things that you can do for yourself or for your employees. NDT certification opens up a world of opportunities to learn new skills and become a more self-sufficient company.

Even so, there are a limited number of NDT testing schools and you may feel at a loss if there isn’t one close to your location.

Today on the blog we answer the FAQ: What if there are no NDT training schools near me?

What is NDT Training?

NDT training is the process by which technicians learn the procedures of nondestructive testing, as well as a variety of methods by which nondestructive testing can be used on different components and materials. Levels of training range from Level I limited to NDT Level III certification.

These methods consist of Liquid Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing and Visual Inspection among others.

If there are no schools near me, can I take an online course?

While online courses do exist for nondestructive training, a savvy NDT technician would advise anyone against them.

Online courses can make learning more convenient, but it certainly does not make anyone learn more effectively.

When taking an online course, there are countless distractions around you that significantly hinder your ability to absorb and retain information. Even for the most focused independent learner, online courses are fully incapable of offering the vital hands-on experience that taking an in-house NDT course provides.

Hands-on training is what every NDT technician needs to become an experienced professional, ready to handle the challenging tasks involved in nondestructive testing.

What if I’m coming from out of town?

For prospective NDT technicians who must travel to train at an NDT school, there are a number of benefits of which you can take advantage.

At TXNDT, we have a list of several hotels that will offer discounts for students who need a place to stay during their training. This can help offset costs and make travelling far less laborious for students.

We also offer corporate discounts for technicians coming from the same company. For those companies who wish to send multiple technicians to training for the sake of efficiency, TXNDT will gladly offer discounts as an incentive.

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