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Safest NDT Testing Methods for Technicians

calendar Aug. 19, 2021user-iconTXNDT
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Nondestructive testing is an essential service to keep the country’s infrastructure and economy moving forward. Through nondestructive testing methods, highways are kept safe, utilities like electric power are safely distributed, and dangers like fallen utility poles are prevented. While public safety is crucial, it is equally important that the technicians performing these vital inspections are safe during testing, so they are able to continue protecting the public.

With the wide variety of methods used by NDT technicians, there are varying degrees of safety between the inspection methods.

Here are some of the best methods for keeping nondestructive testing technicians safe.

Types of NDT Testing

Visual Testing

Visual testing is the most basic form of nondestructive testing. As its name suggests, visual testing involves viewing the assets under inspection, whether it is with the naked eye or with a number of devices that can aid viewing in tight or unreachable spaces of a component.

Visual testing is likely the safest method of nondestructive testing because it requires the least contact with the machine or assets under inspection. Often, visual inspection may involve the use of a drone to capture footage or images of components that are large or at a great height.

Cranes or tall ladders can present a serious safety threat to technicians as they juggle precariously mounting a tall structure as well as completing their inspection. For technicians with the option of drone usage, the danger is virtually eliminated as the drone can be used over and over again to capture the necessary images of the asset under inspection.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing is another safe method of nondestructive testing. While most methods of NDT are relatively safe (and danger is typically only presented by the job itself: i.e., location on a highway, bridge, tall structure, etc.), there are some methods that involve the use of metals and substances to which technicians may prefer to limit their exposure.

Methods like magnetic particle testing, and liquid penetrant testing both involve the use of a substance applied to the component to conduct inspection. For technicians who wish to avoid exposure to ferromagnetic powder or the liquid penetrant used, ultrasonic testing is a suitable alternative.

Ultrasonic testing uses the same technology used by doctors in their offices or hospitals to complete ultrasounds. Technicians can rest assured that all materials used are safe, and effective for conducting nondestructive testing.

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