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NDT Training Spotlight: Pharmaceutical Industry

calendar Jun. 01, 2020user-iconTXNDT

The pharmaceutical industry is a vital component of everyday life. Even if you are not someone currently receiving life-saving medical treatment, just the small pain reliever you take to ease a headache is the result of the hard work of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.

Precision and accuracy are crucial in the pharmaceutical industry. If the equipment used by scientists and lab technicians isn’t functioning absolutely perfectly, this can result in inconclusive tests or unusable results, significantly hindering scientific progress and leaving people at risk.

The best way to ensure that all instruments used by professionals in the pharmaceutical industry are functioning properly is through nondestructive testing.

Today on the blog we feature another NDT training spotlight: the pharmaceutical industry.

Preserving Assets

The pharmaceutical industry is the field that is concerned with the “discovery, development, and manufacture of drugs and medications”.

Nondestructive testing is the most precise and least invasive method to identify potential risks in pharmaceutical assets and address them properly.

Because there are so many federal regulations involving the production and testing of pharmaceuticals, it is vital that all assets are up to code at all times. When a government entity arrives to audit a testing or development facility in the pharmaceutical industry, every health and safety metric must be met.

Equipment used by professionals in the pharmaceutical industry is also extremely expensive. The cost to replace components and machines is high, so maintaining the full lifecycle of all assets is crucial for nondestructive testers serving this field.

Testing Performed

Some of the most crucial types of nondestructive testing used in the pharmaceutical industry might surprise you.

According to many industry experts, some of the most important nondestructive testing performing in the pharmaceutical industry is actually done after medications are developed.

It is vital that even the packaging for drugs and medications is precise and follows safety standards. If not, materials can become contaminated and are rendered useless, costing pharmaceutical professions valuable time and money.

Nondestructive testing is the simplest, most cost-effective, and most precise way to test packaging for FDA compliance and ensure that all life-saving medications can safely arrive to those who need it most.

Training Required

Assets used in the pharmaceutical industry are highly sensitive and require the skills of a seasoned professional. If the technicians evaluating these components are not highly trained, experienced professionals, they will not be able to sufficiently perform inspections and evaluations.

NDT technicians who want to work in the pharmaceutical industry should seek out on-going training and continue taking nondestructive testing courses to stay ahead of the curve and deepen their knowledge through NDT certification.

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Whether it is the pharmaceutical industry, infrastructure, or renewable energy, opportunities abound in the nondestructive testing field for technicians with a variety of interests. If you’re an engineer looking for ways to develop your skills and broaden your horizons, NDT training is the perfect place to start.

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