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How the Portability of Ultrasonic Testing Allows for More Assets to be Checked for Safety

calendar Jan. 07, 2021user-iconTXNDT
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In the nondestructive testing field, safety and security are every technician’s first priority. Nondestructive testing is one of the best ways to inspect sensitive instruments without causing damage to materials that are often extremely expensive.

The industries that rely on NDT span an incredible range. An NDT technician may spend one day working out in the field on an infrastructure project and be working on a shop floor the next day.

For NDT to be truly effective, it must be able to be performed in any place, not just within a factory. Fortunately, many of the different nondestructive testing methods are highly portable and can be conducted in any number of settings. Ultrasonic testing is one of those methods.

How Ultrasonic Testing Keeps More Assets Safe

What Is Ultrasonic Testing?

Ultrasonic testing is a nondestructive testing method used to detect flaws and voids in the components under inspection. Through this method, sound waves travel through the part and reflect back some of the sound if the waves hit materials with a different acoustical impedance. When this inconsistency is registered on the sending unit, it will represent as an indication on the screen.

Results yielded from ultrasonic testing are immediate and the technician can use their knowledge of the velocity at which sound travels through a part, combined with the time of travel, to determine the distance to indicated material with a change in acoustic impedance.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Testing

Portability is obviously an enticing feature of ultrasonic testing, but there are a number of other reasons a technician may opt for this method. Ultrasonic testing is a very consistent method of inspection. Unlike visual testing or another less reliable testing method, ultrasonic testing will yield consistent, reliable results a technician can count on for accuracy.

Ultrasonic testing can also be performed effectively with only limited access to the component under inspection. This, combined with its portability, make UT the first choice for many NDT technicians.

Nondestructive testing involves a variety of fields and projects that can take technicians to any number of places. If a technician needs to inspect the top of a utility pole, they will need a method of testing that can travel everywhere without heavy materials or machinery.

With ultrasonic testing, this one method can be used to test any asset for safety, no matter its location or proximity to other assets. Sometimes in a crowded manufacturing plant, it can be difficult to test components because they are crammed next to other machines. With ultrasonic testing, even the most inconveniently placed assets can be checked for safety as often as necessary.

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