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Does NDT Training Offer Good ROI?

calendar Jan. 02, 2020user-iconTXNDT
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Nondestructive testing as a practice is beneficial for a number of different fields ranging from aerospace to infrastructure to renewable energy. For these industries, NDT certified professionals are vital to maintaining the safety and efficiency of daily practices. Nondestructive testing ensures that daily operations can be conducted without a hitch.

What you or your employer may not have considered, however, is that NDT training can be tremendously beneficial to the technician earning the certification.

If you’ve been debating whether or not it is worth the investment to take nondestructive testing courses, here is everything you need to know about the ROI (Return on Investment) for NDT training.

What Is the Return on Investment for NDT Training?

Your Investment

Essentially, NDT certification will require two different types of investment: time and money. Consider both of these when deciding if NonDestructive Testing courses are worth it for you or your employees.


To become NDT certified some time will need to be invested in coursework, hands-on experience, and testing for certification.

Depending on the level of certification you seek, your time investment can be as much as five days (40 hours) or as few as two days (16 hours).

While the in-class time may put a strain on the schedules of individuals who are already employed full-time, the knowledge acquired through these classes is vital for the education of any aspiring NDT technician.

NDT courses like those taught at TXNDT are staffed by experienced professionals with storied careers in nondestructive testing whose instruction is truly incomparable. Self-directed study and online coursework pales in comparison to learning from our expert trainers.


For some professionals, you may find that your employer is willing to pay for NDT certification if they deem it beneficial or necessary for business.

If you are an employer or employee wondering about the financial investment of NDT certification, there are a few things that will require monetary contributions.

It stands to reason that longer courses will come at a higher cost. Lower level certification courses that require more time of technicians and instructors cost around $1,000 while higher level courses that require a smaller investment of time are also less costly, ringing in between $695 and $895.

Your Return

You might find yourself wondering if the return on your investment in continuing education will be worthwhile enough to justify spending the time and money. You may be happy to know that the benefits of NDT training are both tangible and intangible.

Job Demand

As any job recruiter will attest, making yourself a marketable employee is vital to obtaining a job in your desired field. While you may be a tremendously skilled professional, if your resume is thin with certifications, it may get passed over quickly.

If you’re an engineer looking to buttress your resume for job prospects, NDT training is a highly attractive quality in a candidate. Not only does it objectively attest to a set of skills, but it also demonstrates to a prospective employer that you have the dedication to continue your education as a professional and resist the status quo.

Salary Growth

Any financial investments are greatly overshadowed by the financial gains available to NDT certified technicians.

While all positions and salaries vary from field to field, earnings for NDT certified technicians are far above average. According to Surehand, “NDT technicians earn average salaries above the median household income for the United States; in 2018, Level I technicians earned an average of $72.684, while Levels II and III earned at or even above $100,000.”

They also report that Level III technicians typically earn over $126,000 and salaries for Level III technicians have consistently been in six-figures since 2011. This is particularly exciting when you factor in the consistent growth of the NDT field.

If you or your employer is considering NDT training, it goes without saying that certification offers ROI that can’t be matched, so what are you waiting for?

At TXNDT we are committed to ensuring that all technicians who receive certification through our program leave as seasoned professionals with ample hands-on experience, guided by the best minds in the business.

From introductory NDT courses to NDT level 3 certification, we ensure that those who complete our courses are qualified and equipped to best serve their job functions and stay aware of any and all compliance needs and specifications.

If you or your staff are looking for ways to expand your skills and broaden your career opportunities through nondestructive testing courses, give us a call today at (281) 231-0001 or check out our website for more information.